Sunday, 15 April 2012

A to Z 1950s/60s Nostalgia: M

M Smell:
Moth Balls - When Grandma and Great Aunties put on their best clothes, especially the fox fur wrap, the air was filled with that sickly sweet smell.

M Memories:

Money – These were pre-decimal days of sterling, i.e. pounds, shillings and pence [£.s.d] 
  • Today’s 50p is equal to an old 10 shilling note [10/-] except in those days you could buy a couple of gallons of petrol with 10/-!
  • At school we had to learn how to do sums where there were 12 pennies in a shilling and 20 shillings in a pound. What a headache!
  • There were 4 farthings in a penny and the farthing had a robin on the back. [I loved that!]
  • The threepenny piece [pronounced thrupny] was a little chunky multi-sided copper coin.
  • Paper money included the 10/- note and £1 note. You hardly ever saw a £5 note unless you were really rich.
  • Expensive items in shops were priced in guineas [£1 and one shilling = 1 guinea]. It made the item sound cheaper than it really was.

Motown – The best music to come out of the 60s (with apologies to the Beatles!) It was named after the city where it was created, Detroit, the Motor City. Motown music takes up more space on my ipod than any other music. It gave us Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, the Four Tops, the Supremes *sigh* I could go on.....

The Moonlanding – "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind...” as spoken by the  astronaut Neil Armstrong on July 20, 1969. We watched it on the television and we could hardly believe it. There were many older people who didn’t believe it. Men actually walking on the moon! Amazing! Inconceivable! How could this possibly be real?!?

M Programmes:
Muffin the Mule with Annette Mills
On TV:
Muffin the Mule
The Monkees
Perry Mason who never lost a single case

On Radio:
Music While you Work

M Names:

Harold MacMillan PM
Johnny Morris, the man who made animals talk.
He was on TV as The Hot Chestnut Man and then he was on Animal Magic.
Nelson Mandela
Bobby Moore
Roger Moore
John Mills
Kenneth More
Cliff Michelmore
Johnny Morris
Marilyn Monroe
Nana Mouskouri
Manfred Mann
Dean Martin
Matt Monro
Mamas and Papas
The Monkees
Moody Blues
Johnny Mathis
Scott McKenzie who provides the...

M Music:
Scott McKenzie singing San Francisco
[I wore flowers in my hair but, regrettably, I never went to San Francisco.]

There must be some Ms that I've missed!


  1. Rosalind, that bird on the farthing is a wren.

  2. Hi Ros, Gosh...what a lovely long list of names. Love the info about money and fancy me forgetting the moon landing and "Music while you Work".

    My M memories of the 50's/60's just have to begin with:
    Muffin the Mule - love the picture.
    "Do you remember watching Muffin on our little black and white television sitting on the floor on a rug?"

    Confectionery: Mars Bars were invented in 1957 - they tasted totally different then today's product - much, much nicer and softer.
    "Munchies" in 1954 - I sprung up in bed on Friday night shouting "Munchies" in my sleep, been hankering after a pack ever since!!!!!!!!!

    People: George Mitchell and the Mitchell Singers (Black and White Minstrels) never get away with it now!!!!! Morecambe and Wise. Robert Mitchum, Mr.Pastry. Meatloaf.

    TV: Meet the Huggetts. Magic Roundabout, Maverick, Mission Impossible,The Munsters,

    Songs: "Maybe Baby" by Buddy Holly, "Memories" by Barbra Streisand - from the film The Way We Were. "Misty" by Johnny Mathis. "My Old Man's a Dustman" by Lonnie Donnigan.

  3. Morning, Ros!
    Gosh so many M memories. I rememeber all yours plus quite a lot more.

    On the wireless: Uncle Mac (Derek McCulloch on Children's Favourites), Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh, Meet the Huggets. Mable from the Wilfred Pickles Show, Max Miller.

    TV: Magic Roundabout, Michael Miles

    Books and Comics: Milly Molly Mandy, Mary Mouse, Mirabelle, Marty

    Songs and Singers: Me and My Teddy Bear, My four-legged Friend, Susan Maughan, The Mudlarks (Lollipop, Lollipop), My Happiness, Magic Moments

    Food: Munchmallows, Maltona Drops

    We cleaned the windows with Miraglo and our teeth with Macleans Toothpaste.

    Hey, Rifka, I hope I've left some for you!

  4. LOL, Rifka, we posted together.

    Some different but a lot the same!

    Now, I know this shouldn't be here it should be in Bs but please tell me you remember The Barlows of Beddington, starring Patrick Barr, on the wireless! I can not find any else who remembers it.

  5. Hi Pat, I think we pressed the button at the same time - what fun. "Me and my Teddy Bear" brings back such wonderful memories for me - big thanks for reminding me........

  6. Pat been thinking hard (while having breakfast) but can't remember The Barlows of Beddington - "sorry". Remember and liked Patrick Barr though................

  7. Oh ooooh: In my search for Barlowes of Beddington, I found this fantastic webpage where you can listen to theme tunes.

    Sorry for the highjack, Ros. To keep it to the M memory, here's the theme tune for Music while you work:

  8. Hello there
    Just popped in to tell you how much I am enjoying your A-Z posts - going down memory lane does us good (now and again)
    I did take part in Arlee's original challenge two years ago, what a fun month that was - sadly not last year or this year either but am thinking about starting to gather things together for next year lol
    Looking forward to the next half and being reminded of so many things from my past
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  9. Hello there
    Just popped in to tell you how much I am enjoying your A-Z posts - going down memory lane does us good (now and again)
    I did take part in Arlee's original challenge two years ago, what a fun month that was - sadly not last year or this year either but am thinking about starting to gather things together for next year lol
    Looking forward to the next half and being reminded of so many things from my past
    Take care

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  10. I'm still laughing at the first comment confusing a weren't and a robin,I wouldn't have known either. Still in sync I have moon landing too! I loved Johnny Morris his show was so good.

  11. I just about remember sixpences. I think they were still around after the 'new' money appeared. I liked them, they were just the right size for my little hands.

  12. Hi Ros .. what wonderful M memories - the new money - the threepenny bit - I loved and the farthing or one penny and I got 4 farthings worth of liquorice pieces ..

    Great list once again .. and though I hate to admit it I use mothballs still .. strategically in out of the way places! Cheers Hilary

  13. My grandparents had a room that smelled of mothballs.

    I don't remember the money, but I loved the Monkees. I'm a child of the 70s, but a lot of the TV programmes were repeated, and my mum played a lot of 60s music.

    There were a lot of Ms, weren't there?

  14. What a great list of memories. I remember smelling mothballs in my grandmother's house when I was little.

  15. Love Motown music - so full of joy and soul! So many awesome singers.

    We still have some of the older coins that my parents brought over from Scotland. And now the rhyme... if you haven't got a penny, a ha'penny will do... stuck in my head! :) time to turn on some Motown!

  16. Wish I could have seen and experienced the amazement of seeing Man walk on the moon for the first time. Must have been really something!

  17. I know the smell of moth balls. My hubby put them under our first home (a mobile home) to keep the critters from going underneath.


  18. Hi Bob, how strange. I always thought it was a Robin on the farthing but now I look at it, yes! It’s a wren. Thank you for putting me right.

    Hi Rifka, yes I do remember watching it. That tv was tiny, wasn’t it. Sorry to see that you’re dreaming about this A to Z now!

    Hi Pat, Uncle Mac will appear with all those lovely songs in U. Well U was a bit sparse so I knew that Uncle Mac wouldn’t have minded helping me out. I don’t remember Barlows of Beddington either. Maybe it was a regional programme and this is not highjacking! This is having a fascinating conversation. Long may it continue.

    Hi Cathy, good to have you visit. I did the A to Z last year though I admit that it is quite a commitment.

    Hi Anne, I’m sure it doesn’t matter if we duplicate some of our topics. We’ll at least have a different angle on everything [seeing as how you’re younger than me!!] I loved Johnny Morris too.

    Hi Sarah, they used to put sixpences into Christmas puddings. Imagine swallowing one of those!

    Hi Hilary, I used to love those liquorice chews. I’m thinking of getting some mothballs. I saw a silver fish the other day and they’re supposed to get rid of them too.

    Hi Annalisa and Stephanie, I think everyone had grandparents that smelt of mothballs! There were a lot of Ms but some of the letters coming up are not so prolific.

    Hi Jemi, you can’t beat a Motown tune.

    Hi Jaycee, it was a strange mix of dis-belief, awe and fear that they might not get home again.

    Hi Susanne, oh no! Your home must have smelt of mothballs through and through!

  19. Was playing silly games with the dogs and found myself singing an M memory!

    "Murray Mints, Murray Mints... the too good to hurry mints!"

    I was crazy before this A-Z - now I'm even crazier.

  20. moth balls!! I remember them! hehehe

  21. Wow you covered what I thought was a pretty through list, then Murray mints and Mclean toothpaste blew me away. Thanks for a great post and really great comments.

  22. It looks like Rifka and Pat are having a lot of fun with your AtoZ's.
    That's a sign of a great blog.
    Great song choice.