Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A to Z 1950s/60s Nostalgia: J

J Smell:
Jeyes Fluid - I only have to have a slight whiff of Jeyes to be transported back to the toilet block at the caravan site in Ingoldmels, Skegness. I spent many a happy childhood holiday on that caravan site.

J Memories:

Jukebox – In those days we were seriously music deprived. There was hardly any modern music on the radio so we had to buy favourite records to hear the songs. Fortunately most coffee bars had a Jukebox in the corner and it was unbelievably exciting to be able to put your money in and actually listen to any of the top pop songs.

Jobs – Throughout the 50s and 60s women were paid less than men for doing the same job. In my mind that was just the way it was but I now see the injustice of it. The problem is that even though the Equal Pay Act of 1970 went a long way to levelling out discrepancies, there are still many women workers who receive less pay for doing the same job.

J Programmes:
On TV:
Jukebox Jury
David Jacobs presenting Jukebox Jury

On Radio:
Journey into Space

J Names:

Lyndon B. Johnson, USA
Roy Jenkins MP
Janis Joplin
David Jacobs
Paul Jones
Jackson Five
Tom Jones who provides the...

J Music:
Tom Jones singing It's Not Unusual


  1. It's been fun traveling back in time with you! I always liked Tom Jones, and I still remember audience members throwing their dainties at him! Julie

  2. Hi sis, Wonderful memories of Juke Boxes - wish I had a pound for every sixpence (old money)!! I fed into the one at the Casa Bolero Coffee Bar.
    J conjurers up thoughts of the Jive. That fantastic dance (along with the Jitterbug), that the GI's brought from America. Can you believe it was banned at first in most dance halls - wow!!
    Names: Jerry and the Pacemakers, Jim Reeves, James Last, Johnny and the Hurricanes. Johnny Mathis.................
    Really enjoying this - thanks Ros. x x

  3. Janet and John reading books
    Comics/Annuals: Joe 90, Jack and Jill, Judy, June, Jackie, The Jetsons
    TV: Jungle Boy
    Jubbly (frozen drink, 'lubbly') Juicy Fruit chewing gum

    Rosalind, hubby still listens to David Jacobs on a Sunday night.

  4. Ohhh Pat "Juicy Fruit" chewing gum - I can taste it now - hadn't thought about that for many, many years.
    I was sitting in the dentist chair this morning when I thought about "Journey Into Space" radio prog of the 50's. I listening with my ear right up to the old fashioned wooden radio. It crackled and hummed but catapulted me into my imagination.

    Oh...... and I think "Jimmy" Savile was hosting Top of the Pops in the 60's but I could be wrong.

  5. Rifka, I loved our noisy old wireless.

    Just remembered the Rolling Stones song: "Jumpin' Jack Flash"

  6. Hi Ros .. you must have had so much fun writing or dreaming these up - Jays -- was it also in solid white blocks, or donut (small) type circles usually strategically placed on top of the cubicle wall dividers ..

    Great memories .. used to love David Jacobs .. was Jimmy Saville then, or later ... later probably ...

    Tom Jones - and he's still around on tv .. I don't watch it!!

    Love these posts .. cheers Hilary

  7. I would love a jukebox. Years ago Hubby and I started collecting vinyl singles. By the time we've got room they'll be warped!

  8. Yes I remember Juke Box Jury, a hit or a miss? some people were very upset when it was a miss and they brought out the pop star in person.

  9. Jeyes Fluid – now that brings back memories. Moving in day, 28 years ago, garden was a bald bare patch of earth; bigger than expected, previously inhabited by four large dogs! With no delivery van, I spent the day walking up & down sprinkling Jeyes fluid over this garden to kill everything. Turned the patch snow white on a sunny day in June. Surprisingly the grass grew back beautifully that summer!


  10. So many wonderful J words!
    Juke boxes especially bring back many nostalgic moments for me ... all those great old songs of the 50's and 60's... especially by Janis Joplin! Also loved the Everly Bros., Brenda Lee, Bobby Darin, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Theme: A World of Crime

  11. Jukebox...what a great word! gosh, such great memories!

  12. Oh, for some of that ole time rock 'n roll! But, yes, so many injustices existed. I sometimes think the music masks the undercurrent. New follower here.

  13. Great theme for A-Z! Might have to try memories next time,. :-)

  14. Great post! Juke boxes are so cool! It's such fun to select 'your' song! :)

  15. I just love traveling back in time with you. You are doing a wonderful job with this challenge. I don't recognize anything here, except some of the names.

  16. Hi Julie, I also remember when Tom Jones’ trousers split on stage. With my more mature head on I bet that was staged!

    Hi Bob, Oh yes, Jackanory too. Thanks ;-)

    Hi Rifka, a lot of these posts are written with memories of you in my head, big sis, and I’m so glad you’re enjoying it.

    Hi Pat, How could I have forgotten the Janet and John books and I loved the Jack and Jill comic. Thanks.

    Hi Hilary, I’ve been planning these posts for months and loving it. I’m such a sucker for nostalgia.

    Hi Sara, thanks for the visit.

    Hi Annalisa, we still have a record player in full working order so could play your vinyl for you!

    Hi Anne, I’d forgotten about that bit where they sometimes brought the singer out after the verdict on the record. How funny.

    Hi Kay, not to be recommended for lawn growth I’m sure but glad it worked for you.

    Hi Gail and Tracy, jukeboxes still give me a thrill.

    Hi Kittie, thanks for the follow. There was a lot of heavy politics going on in these years and I’m trying not to get drawn into that too much.

    Hi American in Norway, it’s certainly a fun theme to do.

    Hi Jemi, you remember jukeboxes too, huh!

    Hi Inger, glad you’re enjoying it.

  17. Jeyes fluid! Ooo it used to make me feel sick. I can almost smell it now.

    Clean - but VERY strong.