Friday, 13 April 2012

A to Z 1950s/60s Nostalgia: L

L Smell:
Leather car seats - The smell of luxury. [Our first car was a decommissioned fish van and had a very different smell.]

L Memories:
The Odeon was one of Leicester's smarter cinemas.
Our local 'flee-pit' - Cinemas in those days weren't multi-screen, multi-plex, multi-plastic affairs and they gained their 'flea-pit' nickname for a very good reason! Every little parade of shops had a local picture house or so it seemed. All cinemas used to show an A and a B movie. The B movie was shown first. It was a third rate film, often a cowboy, that nobody really wanted to see but we all watched it anyway. When both films were finished the National Anthem was played and we all stood up in respectful silence [unless you were near the exit in which case you'd scarper before it began!]

Radio Luxembourg - This was one of the few opportunities we had in the 50s to listen to music on the radio but the reception was awful. It faded in and out and we strained to listen turning our little transistor radios one way then the other to hear what was going on. This often happened under the bedclothes as the transmissions were late in the evenings. [More about radio in R.]

Lassie and Jeff (Tommy Rettig)
L Programmes:
On TV:
Lone Ranger
Larry the Lamb
Lunch Box

On Radio:
Listen with Mother
Life with the Lyons

L Names (by surname):

Sophia Loren
Vivien Leigh
Christopher Lee
Jerry Lee Lewis
Sophia Loren
Vera Lynn
Mario Lanza
Brenda Lee who provides the...

L Music:
Brenda Lee singing Sweet Nothings

Have I forgotten any L memories?


  1. Ooh, yay, I got here before Rifka *smile*

    Ros, I remember all your Ls - especially Lassie, we've had six 'Lassie' collies now, though Tim and Ted, the current two don't like being called Lassie dogs!

    Also remember Leapy Lee singing Little Arrows,
    On TV: The Larkins, The Marriage Lines, The Likely Lads.

    Lux soap flakes, Lassie dog food...

    I'll probably be back with more

  2. I remember Lassie and The Lone Ranger! I was always a fan of Sophia Loren and I read that they're trying to cast her as Gloria's mother on Modern Family! Thanks Rosalind!

  3. Hi Ros - top of my list of L memories is "Lenny the Lion"....................
    Pat - you got in first today "Smiles" from this end too because...........
    I had Lassie on my list and Lux soap flakes. "Great minds do think alike".

    Films: "Look Back in Anger" - 1959, "Love is a Many Splendid Thing" and "Love me Tender." staring Elvis.

    Songs: Lonely Boy by Paul Anka, Lipstick on Your Collar by Connie Francis, "Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard, "Love letters in the Sand" - Pat Boone.

    Singers: Frankie Lyman and the teenagers singing Why do Fools fall in Love and "Lord Rockingham's 11" - many is the time I jived to their music.

    TV: Laramie, I Love Lucy, Lunchbox - Jerry Allen and his Trio provided the music for the programme. Lucky Stars, Lost in Space, Lone Ranger, Legend of Wyatt Earp,

    Talking about Lipstick (Song above) here's a 50's memory - chalky, pale pink lipstick called I think Baby Pink, made by Outdoor Girl. I loved the pale lips and dark eye's with loads of mascara.

    Oh and Lyon's Ice Cream and Lino....................
    Enjoying delving into my memory and getting those little grey cells working!!!! Big thanks Ros.

  4. Rifka, I've still got most of your L songs on LPs!

    Oh, that lipstick - there was also one called Iced Pink oh and a shampoo that diddn't hurt the eyes Lorelox.

    Ladybird clothes for kids and Liberty bodices.

  5. The local fleapit in Stamford was the Picturedrome, not all that far from Leicester.

  6. My jazz class still used music from Brenda Lee's Christmas album. Fun for our Christmas programs for the nursing homes. It was so cute to see the old people in their wheel chairs tapping their feet and clapping to her music.

  7. So much fun and so clever! Thanks for walkiing back in time...

    If you've the chance, take a look at my blog. I'm the author of the Bella and Britt series for kids.

  8. A decommissioned FISH VAN?! YIKES!!

    I can smell it from here. :)

  9. Pat is it ok to pop over to your place to browse through your LP collection please......
    and Iced Pink lipstick - ohhhh yes - wish I could buy it now.

    One more favourite song: "Little White Bull" by Tommy Steele. I had a signed, framed photo from him by my bed till I was 18. Still think he's very special and still gorgeous too.

    One last smell: Lavender Bath Cubes wrapped separately in silver paper, 6 in a box, made from hard chalk type substance that dissolved in the bath if you swished it round.

    And a comic called simply "Lion". It was meant to be for boy's only but when I was in hospital dad brought a pile of comics in and there was "Lion" stuck in the middle. "Wow" I haven't thought about that for years and years..................

  10. Just a reminder that I don’t post up on a Saturday so M will appear on Sunday morning.

    Hi Pat, Tim and Ted sound lovely and quite right too. Why should they have to live in Lassie’s shadow.

    Hi Julie, I didn’t know that Sophia Loren was still working.

    Hi Rifka, how did I forget Lenny the Lion?!?! That’s awful. I loved Lenny the Lion (as you know). I had the most amazing Lenny the Lion teddy and I loved that so much that its face disintegrated. I think that the first lipstick I ever had was Baby Pink.

    Hi Bob, I suspect we all had a local flea-pit close by and Stamford isn’t very far from Leicester.

    Hi Manzanita, what a fabulous image, all those elderly people tapping their feet to Brenda Lee. She certainly was a great singer.

  11. I wish you could see me when I read your posts. I keep going, oh oh oh (hand to cheek). Yes...cinemas with two films and an interval when they sold ice cream inna tub and a wooden spoon. And I sat in the gallery and tried to see the screen through a haze of smoke. Radio Luxembourg!!!! Isn't that where Tony Blackburn started?

  12. Rifka, records and books are my downfall - books take up so much room - I can never bear to part with any (I actually add all the time). So hubby would say: 'Yes, come and browse the records and take some away.' There's Frankie Laine and Little Richard, Trini Lopez, Little Eva's Locomotion...

    Still around today (but not as good) Lucozade oh and Love Heart sweets and Cherry Lips.

    Whew, Ros, it'll be good to have a day off tomorrow *smile*.

  13. My husband has long been in love with Sophia Loren. I never heard of the movie theaters being called flea pits, but I get the reason why.

  14. Wow, what a wonderful bunch of memories. Only ones I can think of to add right now are Julius LaRosa, the Lettermen, and Lick-M-Aid. Not sure about the spelling on that last one, but it was kinda like Kool Aid, only it came inside of a straw. Not sure if it made it to your side of the ocean or not. It provided a major sugar shock, because most of us ate it right out of the straw instead of mixing it with water.

  15. I loved Lulu's To Sir with Love and Lassie adn the Lone Ranger!

  16. Ha ha we're in sync again. A couple of your L's are mine for some letters yet to come. I knew that would happen. One I have written very similar words,will have to cahange them, lol!! Love the car that was a fish van!!!

  17. I find myself looking forward to checking out what you come up with for each letter. Radio Luxembourg brought similar memories to my mind.

  18. I'd almost forgotten rising to the anthem. We even did this in Australia, after all she was our Queen too. Blog on!

  19. I was banned from watching Lassie when I was little - in the late 70s - because it made me too upset!

  20. Hi Ros .. Radio Luxembourg - listened to that a lot .. Sophia Loren .. and the Lone Ranger .. Lassie - watched later on I think ..

    Cheers - brilliant series .. Hilary

  21. Look forward to the rest of your challenge run…can’t believe we’ve had 14 days already!
    --Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2012

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

  22. I love the flea-pit nickname! It's funny to imagine everyone watching the cowboy movie even though they didn't really want to. I think it must have been fun to go to these old theaters.

    Even though I wasn't born until the late 60s I love reading about all of these memories. :)

  23. Woah, you have a lot of guts being able to stand riding around with a lingering fishy van, lol. Cheers to you on THAT! It was nice to read about that The Odeon cinema house. Lone Ranger and Lassie are the only L memories that I am familiar with from this list and I still never even saw those TV shows...I just remember people talking about them on television or referencing them in the media.


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  24. Great theme for the challenge! I've been watching old episodes of Leave It to Beaver occasionally on TV Land. I think they're doing episodes from 1962 now.

    Ellie, who has 3 blogs in the challenge
    Ellie's Blank Book
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  25. Whoa, the National Anthem? That's different. LOL.