Monday, 9 April 2012

A to Z 1950s/60s Nostalgia: H

H Smell:
Horse manure - There was always some horse manure dolloped down the middle of our road. Life stunk in those days. 

H Memories:

Housework – Mums worked hard in those days. With no automatic washing machine or spinner the washing had to be put through the mangle. It was my job to feed the clothes in as Mum turned the handle but she’d shout “Be careful of your fingers!” every time.

Mum used to put the rugs over the washing line in the back garden and beat them with a carpet beater. I can still smell the dust that used to billow out of them. I always wanted to help so when she finished she put the small rug from the kitchen onto the line and left me with the carpet beater.

Hula Hoops – This was long before we ate little potato shaped hula hoops. It was the round plastic variety and it was a craze that spread through the school. Everyone had their own hoop and we would spend hours trying to perfect our style. Some kids could keep hoops going round their necks and arms as well as their waist. I had trouble with just the one but it kept us fit!

H Programmes:
On TV:
Hawaii Five-O
Hancock's Half Hour
The Benny Hill Show

On Radio:
Housewives Choice
Round the Horne with Kenneth Horne, all those double entendres and the pair... "My name's Julian and this is my friend Sandy."

Did you spot that this record was in Mono? (That means
before stereo was invented!) I still have Mono records.
H Names:

Barbara Hepworth, sculpture
Joseph Heller
Rex Harrison
Anthony Hopkins
Dustin Hoffman
Arthur Haynes
Buddy Holly
The Hollies
Jimmy Hendrix
Herman's Hermits
Brian Hyland
Bill Haley who provides the...

H Music:
Bill Haley singing Rock Around the Clock - a song that caused almost riots in the cinemas when the film came out in 1956 because kids got up and danced!

(This was the best version I could find. Not sure what those little girls are doing there!)

Were there any Hs you remembered?


  1. I remember them all, especially the hula hoop - never could keep it going for long.

    Also remember 'Honey' magazine, 'Hucklberry Hound' comic and on TV there was Highway Patrol.
    Oh, and I mentioned farthings in 'F' so I'll mention the halfpenny here.

  2. I enjoy this music now! Much better than what is churned out these days.

    How things have changed, and not all for the better. Those were the days.

  3. Loving this! I have fond memories of the children's show HOW? with Fred Dineage, Jack Hargreaves, Jon Miller and teh deliciously named Bunty James. Miller owned a house near where I grew up in Cornwall. I remember my late father - a police officer - coming home one day and telling us that 'that damned fool off HOW? made his own firework and blasted a crater in his garden. Lucky to be alive, the daft sod.'

    And don't forget HAPPY DAYS!

  4. We still get horse manure down the lane through our village from the stables and riding schools that use it every day. Good for roses though!

  5. I used to love trying to use my grandmas mangle. I never could though, it was so big and heavy.

    I'm loving the current remake of Hawaii 5-0 :)

  6. Laughing at the horse manure!

    I remember watching repeats of Hawaii 5-0, and of course, the new series is quite good!

    I once took part in a Hula Hoop exercise class - they had us walking around the room while hooping. Boy, did my abs ache the next day!

  7. I remember the horse manure ,mum used to tell me they had to be quick with a bucket and shovel to get the manure for the garden. We had a mangle but called it a wringer. Ah, the memories.

  8. I loved my hula hoop. My daughter is really good at it now, but I can't do it anymore for the life of me. Blah.... I tried last summer. So glad they didn't catch that on video.

  9. Hi sis, I can't let H go by without mentioning Hairspray. Re: Section B for Beehives, the secret of a perfect bouffant was Hairspray or rather lacquer as it was called in the late 50's. This came in little sausage size plastic refills - pink and yellow depending on strength - yellow was like concrete, perfect!!!! We emptied these into squeezy bottles and sprayed.... and sprayed. The secret was to backcomb until hair stands on end, spray, leave to dry, turn ends over neatly and spray again, then stick the end of a tail comb (had to be metal) into any holes, and spray again. My cousin and I would only call it a success if we used a whole refill per hair-do. "Lovely to hear Bill Haley again - a real 50's sound".

  10. Hula hoops are back. My 20-year-old has one & she takes it to concerts. It glows in the dark. :)

  11. Oh, I was so hopeless with a hula hoop! What a lovely trip down memory lane, very much enjoyed this!

    I'm leaving you my A-Z link as blogger
    always identifies me as my shared blog with other poets - my A-Z is this one:

  12. So many great Hs!! My dad loved Benny Hill :)

    I loved Hawaii 5-0 and of course the hula hoop. I've never heard of the edible ones you spoke of though!

  13. Hi Pat, I used to love Huckleberry Hoouu-oouund!

    Hi Maria, You can’t beat a bit of rock and roll, can you!

    Hi Stevyn, I enjoyed How too but I think that was a little later, in the 1970s, as was Happy Days – another favourite of mine.

    Hi Bob, Sorry forgot about you rural folk!

    Hi Rebecca, I didn’t know there was a remake of Hawaii Five-O. What side is it on?

    Hi Annalisa, you know about the Hawaii Five-O remake too, then? I miss so many TV progs because I don’t bother to check what’s on!

    Hi Anne, you’re right. Mum used to call it a wringer too and then she got one that was automatic and I wasn’t allowed to feed the clothes into it because she was sure I’d get my fingers stuck in that one!

    Hi SA, I think you ought to try and rerun and post it up for us. Well, we all need cheering up at this point in a mammoth blog challenge, don’t you think!

    Hi Rifka, I never knew that was how you did it. You could have told me. I just used to backcomb and then it all fell down again… but then your hair was always very hard to the touch!!! Knew you’d like that Bill Haley track.

    Hi Sara, I was going to say ‘what comes around, goes around’ but that would be just too corny a response to a discussion about hula hoops… wouldn’t it?

    Hi Liz, glad you’re enjoying the memories. There’s plenty more to come too!

    Hi Jemi, I must admit that I didn’t like Benny Hill. He gave me the creeps but then I suppose that was the basis of his humour. I was just too young to ‘get’ it.

  14. I often wish for a carpet beater here, to get the dust out of my rag rugs. I remember them well. I also remember horse manure, but more from the riding stables across the way. And Bill Haley, of course, how great was that?

  15. I remember hair in curlers. It had to kick up at the bottom.

  16. Do you remember Anthony Hopkins when he was really young and yummy - he played a ghost I think in a TV series...have to think now of the name. They were always putting manure on the fields behind our house. And hula-hoops!!!!

  17. I never could master the hula hoop, but I had fun trying! Julie

  18. Hulu hoops! I loved playing with those.

  19. Awesome, as always. And I still play with hula hoops with my students sometimes. I feel silly doing it, but it's fun.

    My A-Z

  20. What a fun theme!! I was born in the 60's and all of these take me right back into those moments. Hooping is now quite an exercise craze here in the US! I got one... but was much better at hooping when I was a little girl!

    Julie Jordan Scott
    Fellow A to Z Challenge Participant
    H is for Hilda/HD
    On a Mission to Spread Word-Love Throughout the World

  21. Hula hoop, definitely. I haven't tried it in years, so I don't know if I can still do it. Probably not :-)

  22. Ah yes the joys of the horse manure smell or cow pat as we used to trek through the fields en route to Bradgate Park! Unforgettable!

    This is me, Duncan D. Horne, visiting you from the A-Z challenge, wishing you all the best throughout April and beyond.

    Duncan In Kuantan

  23. What a great idea for the Challenge.

    Who would ever forget hula hoops? The great thing is they never go out of fashion!


  24. Hi Ros .. I'm loving these posts of yours Ros - they'll be such fun to read through more slowly anon .. but the memories are great - thankfully I don't remember horse manure in dumps!!

    I could never hula hoop .. only a few twirls and it was round my ankles with a frustrated child above!!

    We had a mangle .. but I don't remember the carpet beater .. perhaps they stayed dirty?! No - I'm sure not .. my mother would smile in horror at my suggestion!!

    Housework was hard then wasn't it .. no wonder washday was Monday .. and each day had its allocation ..

    Cheers Hilary

  25. Rosalind,

    "horse manure smell"-- Our prime smell right now is cow manure...all over the fields.

    One field has taken to using duck THAT is a BAD smell. Wow, is it strong!

    The Write Soil
    1st Writes