Thursday, 26 April 2012

A to Z 1950s/60s Nostalgia: W

W Smell:
Wisps of pipe smoke - I've always loved the smell of pipe smoke. I once had a Sunday School teacher who smoked his pipe throughout our weekly lesson.

W Memories:
Andy and Teddy waving goodbye
Watch with Mother - I've been looking forward to this one. I worshipped Watch with Mother. I watched it long after I needed my Mother to sit with me to watch... even though the episodes were repeated so regularly that I could mouth most of the words. These were the programmes:

On Monday it was Picture Book. My favourite bit was remembering all the items on a tray and then spotting what they'd removed.

On Tuesday it was Andy Pandy. I loved Andy Pandy and Teddy more than I can ever say. My clearest memory is of Andy Pandy waving in a circular motion and Teddy waving frantically up and down as they sang "Time to Go Home"... [la la la... Andy is waving Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye... *waves circular with one hand and frantically with the other*.]

Bill, Ben and Little Wee-eed
On Wednesday it was The Flower Pot Men. I was ecstatic each time they said "Flobadob" to each other. Weed used to warn them when the gardener was coming by screaming "Weeee-eeeed!" and I always worried that they'd be caught.

On Thursday it was Rag, Tag and Bobtail, three gentle characters, a hedgehog, a mouse and a rabbit.

On Friday it was The Woodentops. I still occasionally copy the way that Spot the Dog did scissor walks across the screen.

Bert Weedon - Sadly Bert Weedon died just a few days ago aged 91. His love of guitar playing, his amazing techniques and his easy-to-follow tuition books influenced so many great guitarists it's hard to know where to begin.

Weedon's Play in a Day books taught The Beatles, Queen's Brian May, Eric Clapton and many more to play. Paul McCartney called him Britain's Mr Guitar and it's hard to imagine how the UK music scene would have developed without his influence.

W Programmes:
William Hartnell, the first and some say the best, Dr Who
On TV:
Watch with Mother
Wicker's World
The Wombles
Dr Who
Wagon Train
What's my Line
The White Heather Club

On Radio:
Workers' Playtime
Woman's Hour

Marty Wilde, father of Kim Wilde
W Names:

Harold Wilson PM
John Wayne
Bert Weedon
Marty Wilde
Dionne Warwick
Walker Brothers
Mary Wells
Jackie Wilson
Junior Walker and the Allstars
Stevie Wonder
The Who who provide the...

W Music:
The Who singing My Generation live at Woodstock. For more memories about Woodstock pop along to  Anne Mackle's blog at Is Anyone There?  

Thanks for making this challenge so much fun by adding 
your memories. Keep on telling me what I've missed!


  1. Morning Ros, Was trying to guess what you would use for a W smell...... but could only come up with wellingtons!!! love the smoke smell.
    Songs: We'll Meet Again by Vera Lynn, "Why" by Adam Faith.
    "Willie Can" by Alma Cogan and "Whatever Lola Wants", "When I fall in Love" , "Why do fools fall in love","Where will the Dimple be", "Waltzing Matilda","Will you still Love me Tomorrow" - by the Shirelles (I think)
    Film: "Wild in the Country" - starring Elvis Presley and "Whiskey Galore" - black and white film of the 50's.
    TV: "Wagon train" - "Whirly Birds" - "Watch with Mother" - "Whacko" - with Jimmy Edwards.
    People: Shani Wallis, Peter West - sports commentator (I think).
    David Whitfield - the girls at school all laughed because I thought he was lovely.
    And......"Winkle Pickers" - the name for mens pointed toed shoes and "Waspie belts".
    How did I forget Bert Weedon - you are right Ros he was so amazing.

    X Y and Z wont be so easy.......

  2. Sad about Bert Weedon. I didn't realize that he was instrumental in helping The Beatles. Only because you asked, I thought of three other "W" names from that era:
    Shelly Winters
    Joanne Woodward
    Robert Wagner

  3. Hi, Ros
    I thought you might have wet washing for the smell. Wisps of pipe smoke reminds me of my Dad.

    Rifka, you got here early. I had most of your memories as usual - "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?" was a huge favourite of mine. I still wear Waspie belts.
    Here are a few more Ws:
    Cartoons: Woody Woodpecker
    Songs/Singers: Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf? Windmill In Old Amsterdam, Where the Boys Are (loved Connie Francis), What do You Want? (Adam Faith)
    Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen, When You Come to the End of a Lollipop, Whistle While You Work, Wimoweh – The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Well I Ask You,
    Why Do I Cry for Joey? (Connie Stevens – and now I keep remembering others of hers), When, when you smile...

    Anyone remember Jimmy Witherspoon? “Spoon Sings and Swings”

    Wall’s Wonder Wopper Ice Lollies,
    Player’s Weights, Woodbine
    Weekend Magazine, Wham, Whizzer & Chips
    T.V. Whirlybirds, Worzel Gummidge on Jackanory,
    Whirligig, The World of Tim Frazer, What’s My Line?

    Wagon Wheels biscuits
    Wibbly Wobbly toys

  4. Great W post of nostlagia, So sad about Bert Weedon.
    How I remember all those children programmes and I can actually remember the first Dr. Who.


  5. Hi Rifka, sorry to hear your computers about to be repaired but thanks for the early comment and you can mention Watch with Mother as many times as you like. It was amazing. Hope your computer's up and running again for X!

    Hi Julie, yes, thank you, I love extras. There's no way I can remember it all myself!

    Hi Pat, yes Rifka's computer's playing up. Hope she'll be back online soon. Loved Woody Woodpecker and I'm so impressed with all these comics you keep remembering. Do you still have any, I wonder. Bet they'd be worth something now.

    Hi Yvonne, that first Dr Who was brilliant and so scary!

  6. I was a huge fan of the Wombles when I was a child. They really should make a comeback in these times of recycling - they'd make great advocates!

  7. Wow, what a great "W"post.
    Wading through this A to Z April Challenge has been very enlightening. It took me days to come up with a post for W, I finally Google'd "African W" and Wild Dogs came up, Yay, I had a subject for my Africa theme.
    The only name I can come up with when it comes to Television is, "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."
    Wisps of pipe smoke certainly brings back memories, I still like the smell.
    Blessings, Geoff.

  8. ..........I'm back on-line for a short time "thanks Ros" and Hi Pat, "wow" and gosh so many W's and some lovely memories - "Wimoweh" was another huge favourite and "What do you Want" - cant believe I forgot them on my list. Can't remember Jimmy Witherspoon though. Don't know about you, but I'm finding X memories non existent!!!!
    Annalisa - great idea to have the recycling Wombles make a comeback - huge fan too......

  9. These are great W moments. But I've a slightly different gripe - can you please stop sending all the rain you write in up in my direction. Webbed feet or Wellingtons will soon be the order of the day!

  10. Hi, Ros
    I've got about 100 Sunny Stories magazines but no comics.
    The Wombles were great.

    Rifka, I hope your computer woes are soon over. I saw Jimmy Witherspoon 'playing the spoons' live in the 60s, I think he was more jazzy than 'poppy'.

    I've got 2 X memories + 2 more if I cheat a little. But I really don't like the abbreviation for Christmas *sigh*.
    Looking forward to see what X smell Ros comes up with.

  11. I loved Andy Pandy,my young brother used to cry when he Andy said goodbye and went in the hamper.The wooden tops were my favourite. You've remembered so many.

  12. What a neat theme for the A-Z Challenge!!

  13. I could relate to the persons here and Woodstock, of course. Wood-smoke would be one smell I truly love. I remember when you could burn wood and leaves outside in the fall and how wonderful it would smell. Love your posts.

  14. Pat, I too am looking forward to see what X smell Ros has come up with. I just can't imagine..........
    "what fun".
    Just thought of another W song "Walk Right Back" by the Everley Brothers and did we do "Walking in the Rain" by Johnny Ray. Computer much better thanks.......*smiles*

  15. Hi Annalisa, you're absolutely right. I used to love them.

    Hi Geoff, thank you. There's been many an idea I've got from Googling in that way.

    Hi Bob, would that my blog was so powerful it could affect the weather! Thank you for suggesting I have such powers... I think.

    Hi Rifka and Pat, I may cheat just a little but I have enough real X words to get me through and, as I said before, you'll have to wait and see!

    Hi Anne, it was quite traumatic for us sensitive kids when Andy and Teddy were put back in that basket!

    Hi Stephanie, thanks.

    Hi Inger, wood smoke would have done it too although we do still burn things in the garden.

  16. Rifka, glad your computer is better. How could we have forgotten "Walk Right Back" and "Walking in the Rain".
    And another one: Ben E King "What Now my Love?"

    LOL, Ros, can't wait to see you 'put your money where your mouth is' for X memories.

  17. Spot on for the Listen with Mother programmes - mazing how we remember it all isn't it?

  18. Hello, Rosalind! This is such a fun theme for the Challenge! I was not yet born, but I'm still familiar with some things from the '50s & '60s such as movies and music. My mom and I love watching old movies together!

    Have a lovely week and happy A to Z!!

  19. I don't know a lot of the list today - but I love Dr Who and Stevie Wonder!

  20. Thanks for stopping by my blog...I've added yours to my reader list. Looking back at some old posts, I think I'm going to like it. ;-)

  21. Hi Ros, I have a vague memory of The Flowerpot Men. Perhaps it was still going into the 80's when I was a child?
    Duncan In Kuantan

  22. Duncan, I heard there was a newer, animated version of Bill and Ben, the Flowerpot Men. In the version we oldies remember, they used real puppets. You could see the strings as they bounced up and down. ~Miriam

  23. Hi Rosalind! Interesting post. I remember the smell of cherry pipe tobacco.

  24. Hi Ros .. I do remember pipe tobacco occasionally ... but Whicker's World was brilliant .. loved it ..

    Cheers - Hilary


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