About me

Last updated November 2021

Writing is my passion. One of my proudest achievements was obtaining a distinction for my Masters Degree in Creative Writing at The University of Leicester in 2018. 

I used to be a teacher in the days when I was called Ros Kloos (and the school kids called me Inspector Kloos-eau). I miss those kids with their quick wit and passion for life and I still occasionally visit schools to give talks about Richard III (and sell the odd copy of The Children's Book of Richard III while I'm at it).  

These days I spend much of my time writing poetry. My writing is fuelled by my love of nostalgia and of history - my first degree was in history. There are endless fascinating events from the past tucked away inside dusty books waiting for someone to breath new life into them. 

I have co-ordinated a number of Heritage Funded projects recording and writing about the lives of older people in Leicester's Jewish Community and researching past lives from the headstone in the local Jewish cemetery.

  • Children's Book of Richard III, The Reading Shop Oadby, July 2014, ISBN 978-0-99293-020-2
  • Children’s History of Leicester, Hometown World Publishers, May 2011, ISBN 978-1849931496
  • Bathtime Rap, Picture book, Franklin Watts, 2008, ISBN 970-0-7496-7951-4 
  • Jewish Voices, A collection of reminiscences and history of a community affected by World War II, National Lottery Heritage Fund project, 2009 
  • Departures, Literary Mama Poetry (to be published in 2022)
  • The Passing of Time on Peddars Way, Songs of Eretz Poetry Review 2022
  • Post-war Kids, Green Ink Poetry 2021
  • Forgotten school lessons, Allegro 2021
  • Dancing Across Canvas, The Copperfield Review 2021
  • The Circus Barker, The Pomegranate London 2021
  • Living Statue, 81 Words 2020
  • Unprecedented,100 Words of Solitude 202
  • From Far Away, The Copperfield Review 2020 
  • Tempus Fugit, The Ekphrasis Review 2020
  • End of the Day, The Ekphrasis Review 2019
  • Fresh Canvas, winner of the G.S. Fraser award 2018
  • Youth, The Ekphrasis Review 2018
  • Klezmer Dancers and Klezmer Men,  The Jewish Literary Journal 2018
  • Top Class, winner of Artbeat Poetry Competition 2017
  • Onion,  The University of Leicester MA Collection 2017
  • Market Day 1963, The Welcome to Leicester Anthology 2016
  • Lives Behind the Stones, a National Lottery Heritage Fund research project creating website with information about Leicester's Jewish cemetery, researched stories of lives 'behind the stones' and a database providing full genealogical search facilities. 2015 
Articles and Short stories: 
  • The 1950s Menu, Yours Yearbook 2010 
  • Bathtime Rap poster and musical rap feature, the Scholastic Nursery Education PLUS Magazine, October 2009 
  • The work behind the project: Jewish Voices, NAWE Quart. No. 48 Summer 2009  
  • With Two Hats On: therapeutic writing workshops, Lapidus Quart. Autumn 2007  
  • Birds' Eye View; taking part in the bird count, The Lady August/September 1999 
  • 12 short stories published in Yours, Woman's Weekly, Bella, Best, Take a Break, Chat and My Weekly from 1998 to 2002. 

  • Creative writing tutor 
  • Writing workshop leader 
  • Primary and secondary school teacher 

  • Masters in Creative Writing with distinction at University of Leicester 2017 to 2018
  • History degree BA (Hons) 2:2 at University of Leicester 1979 to 1981
  • Post-graduate certificate in education at University of Leicester School of Education 1982
  • Adult tutor certificate
  • Certificate in Counselling skills 
Book launch with Alice Povey, illustrator, on my left.
My Children's Book of Richard III, is continuing to sell well. Here is a picture of the launch day in July 2015 at Leicester's ancient Guildhall.