Thursday, 14 April 2011

A to Z of Leicester: L is for...

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Leicester Comedy Festival

Europe’s longest running comedy festival happens in Leicester. 250 acts, including Lenny Henry and Michael Mcintyre, appeared this year. Make Me Happy groups were organised in the community. Leicester was laughing and it’s all thanks to the director Geoff Rowe. 

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Visit Leicester's Comedy Festival if you'd like to get involved or would like to know more about next year's events.



  1. I love your A to Z theme. I've never been to Leicester, but I spend quite a bit of time in that part of England (my WIP is set in the North Cotswolds).

    I'm happy to follow your blog.

  2. That sounds like fun. Do you go every season?
    Happy L Day

  3. I like comedy. That's a lot of acts.

  4. I always enjoyed Lenny Henry. Sounds like a fun way to spend the month of Feb.

  5. Didn't know about this festival! Thanks for this post :

    L is for Lies: Flash Fiction