Sunday, 24 April 2011

A to Z of Leicester catch up: Q and R

Thank you to everyone who sent messages of condolence after the sad death of my Mum. I will be replying to you all over the next few days. Now I will try and catch up with the A to Z by posting two at a time.

Quorn Steam Railway Station

Quorn Station on the Great Central Railway is the place to see steam trains. They run every weekend of the year with special events, a first class restaurant car and you can even have a go at driving an engine. 

A quadragintal is a blog of exactly 40 words. 

One of the steam trains at Quorn Station

 Radio Leicester

Another Leicester first! BBC Radio Leicester was Britain's first mainland local radio station. It was launched in 1967 in the days of VHF. These days you can listen to it online. I’ve been interviewed many times but it’s still terrifying. 

A quadragintal is a blog of exactly 40 words. 

You can see the studio from the reception area. This was the studio 
where I was interviewed about my new book. I blogged about it.

On the wall in the reception area is a large mosaic 
by Cleo Mussi, Mosaic Artist.



  1. Welcome back Rosalind, hope you're doing well.

    I have a vague memory of going to Quorn when I was in primary school. I think we stayed at a hostel there for a couple of nights...can't quite remember too clearly though!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  2. Hello, lovely to see you again, I love the picture of the steam train. I remember going on a steam train to Sunderland when I was a small child. I can still smell that smoke in my memory....Great

  3. Thanks Duncan. They still have school visits to Quorn. It's a lovely part of Leicestershire.

    Hi Pauline and thanks. Yes, train smoke is a truly evocative smell.

  4. Lovely to see you're back, Rosalind.

    Hm, a steam train with a 1st class restaurant car. Sounds like a fun activity.

    And I love the mosaic at Radio Leicester!

  5. Thanks for stopping by on my A to Z challenge, Rosalind. Quorn Station looks straight out of The Railway Children. Is Quorn connected to Quorn vegetarian meals? Lovely photo.

  6. I love steam engines. It conjures up times past...especially when you throw in a first class dining car.

    Best wished to you Rosalind at this difficult time. Take Care. xxx

  7. Oh, steam trains! Now I know where to visit if we ever make it to the UK!

    How are you coping, Rosalind? Thinking of you.