Tuesday, 13 September 2011

What People do for Charity

I’ve been watching with a certain degree of ghoulish fascination as David Walliams completed his gruelling eight-day, 140 mile charity swim along the River Thames. He’s suffered from ‘Thames Tummy’ [all that raw sewage - yuk!] He’s been bitten by water-fleas and attacked by swans. He’s saved a dog from drowning and almost passed out from hypothermia but he has managed to raise over £1,000,000 for Sport Relief. Amazing!

We did our bit for charity last night. We went out for a curry. It was Mr A’s first visit to an Indian Restaurant since he had his stem cell transplant last year. The dietary restrictions were over long ago but we just hadn’t managed to get out for an authentic curry. [Apparently mine don’t count!] He seems to have survived the meal. He had a tender tummy this morning but nothing on the scale of Walliams’ troubles. The evening was in aid of Save the Children so it was worth a bit of a rumbling tum. Our friend regularly organises events for this charity and last night raised over £700. Excellent!

A charity that’s very close to my heart has a special event coming up. On Friday 30th September The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning will be held by Macmillan Cancer Support

I’ve decided that this year I’m going to organise...

   ~ a virtual coffee morning ~

The added advantage is that my sister, Hilary, can join me. Well she does live 200 miles away and this is the nearest thing we’ll get to doing anything together this autumn!

I’ll be posting up more about the event next week but we’ve already set up a page for donations to Macmillan Cancer Support in memory of our mum and we’ve said a few words about her so please go along and visit our page by clicking the following link...

The coffee morning will last all weekend [that’s the great thing about being virtual!] so if you can’t make it on the Friday or Saturday then you can join in the fun on Sunday. There’ll be lots of cake [guaranteed edible unlike my non-virtual ones!] and a continual supply of freshly ground coffee, plus de-caff if you prefer. I’ll be wearing fancy dress [more about that next week] and there’ll be awards given out [more about that next week too] but above all it’ll be about raising money to help people with cancer and right now I can’t think of a more worthy cause.



  1. Fabulous idea for the virtual coffee morning! Can't wait to find out more, especailly about your fancy dress! Well done that woman! x

  2. I had not heard about the River Thames 8 day swim for charity. Good for him for sticking to it. And good for Rosalind to organize a virtual coffee break. And formal yet. Looking forward to more information.

  3. David Walliams is an amazing guy, he's also a fantastic swimmer - he's also done the English channel a few times. Hats off for the Thames swim, he totally rocks!

  4. Wonderful idea. Looking forward to more info.

  5. Wonderful idea! Can't wait to join the fun :)

  6. Hi Ros .. didn't know you had a sister called Hilary! Good name.

    We have the MacMillan Coffee Morning up at the Nursing Centre, and I support the local Hospice - and will do a great deal more.

    Wonderful Mr A and you were able to share a curry - that must have been a special night out - after last year ... amazing what can be done now-a-days.

    David Walliams is quite extraordinary ... mind over matter and sheer determination .. swimming the English Channel was bad enough ..

    Thanks for posting all of these .. with thoughts and happiness to you and the family - Hilary

  7. All of what David has gone through must be worth it to him, having raised so much money for charity.

  8. Great idea! I don't drink coffee (not even the virtual kind) but I'll be there for the cake! :-)

  9. That's a wonderful way to honor your mum's memory.
    I ditto what KC said about coffee and cake.

  10. Virtual coffee morning sounds wonderful. I will look forward to it and hope you raise lots of money for your charity!

  11. What a great thing it is you're doing! Wish I could be there to help out. Hope you raise tons of money!


  12. Wow that's a crazy story you began with. Amazing

  13. Thanks Jo, I'm working on the plans right now!

    Hi Manzanita, Talei and J.L., David Walliams is an example to us all.

    Hi Gigglesandguns and Jemi, more info coming soon!

    Thanks Hilary and I know my sister is trying to respond with a comment but she's having computer problems at the moment.

    Hi K.C. and Robyn, your requests have been noted *must bake extra cakes*

    I hope so too, Susanna.

    Hi nutshell, but you can be there! Looking forward to seeing you there, what's more. The party's virtual but the charity is for real.

    Hi Kelley, Walliams does that sort of thing every year for charity. Like I said, he's an example to us all.


    Hi sis, Thought I'd say a few words. I may be 200 miles away but in the virtual world I'm right there by your side deciding what fancy dress to wear - how about Emma Peel - loved 'The Avengers'. Note to Hilary, I changed my name to Rifka when I moved from Leicester. Mum called me Hil till the end and although everyone here and in the blog world knows me as Rifka, inside I guess I'm still Hilary. And yes it is a nice name.

    Now "what to wear"..............oh and see you all at the coffee morning be great to meet everyone - I drink coffee (as Ros knows) extra strong, two sugars and very black. Must remember to bring a gluten free cake along!!!!!

  15. What a great idea! I'll look forward to hearing more information.

  16. Fantastic idea! Honoring your mom is a beautiful act.

  17. I love physically helping charities, by volunteering my time, because I can actually see the good I do. Plus, it stops me from being a couch potato. Looking forward to the virtual coffee! 'Cept can I have tea? Cuz I don't do coffee.

  18. That's a fantastic idea, Rosalind!

    I can't believe Walliams swam the whole length of the Thames. I shuddered when I heard about the Thames Tummy... and the swans... and the water fleas. Ugh! He's a very brave and determined man.

  19. This is a wonderful and beautiful idea!

  20. What a wonderful way to honor your mother! It is incredible how much Walliams accomplished! Julie

  21. Wow what a lot you do. It's great that you are so active, it's easy to give money, but what you are doing is so much more. BTW, I popped by to say that you have some awards over at my blog. I see you've got one already, but never mind hey.

  22. What a wonderful thing to do in honor of your Mother! I'm so glad I learned about it, I'm looking forward to participating and helping to spread the word. Fantastic cause.