Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Peace One Day

Today is Global Peace Day and had I not been on Twitter yesterday I would never have known. The following is PeaceOne Day’s official aim for the day:
For Peace Day 2012, Peace One Day is calling for and working towards a Global Truce - a day of ceasefire and non-violence observed by all sectors of society globally ... POD hopes this will be the largest reduction in global violence in recorded history, both domestically and internationally.
Peace One Day was the idea of the film-maker, Jeremy Gilley, and in 2001 the United Nations announced that an official day of global ceasefire and non-violence would be held annually on 21 September.

You only have to visit their website to see that they're doing a lot of good in troubled areas but I'm afraid that it won't bring us lasting world peace... wouldn’t it be amazing if it could! I suspect that aggression is hardwired into our behaviour long before we’re old enough to make decisions about war. You only have to watch a group of kids playing in the playground to appreciate how close we all are to arguments and fighting. As an ex-primary school teacher I know how true this is.

I couldn’t possibly say how many times I’ve made young children face each other after a fight and say,
The words tumble from their mouths but there’s no meaning in them.

This is a time of year when the Jewish High Holy Days are approaching. It’s traditional to think back over the past year. Maybe you've wronged someone. Maybe you've said something hurtful to a family member or friend. Well now is the time to tell them you’re sorry... with words that don’t just tumble from your mouth!

If we could all do that all the time, then maybe there would be no war and no need for a Peace One Day movement. In the meantime I salute Jeremy Gilley and his work. Let’s hope that it can help towards making a difference.


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  1. What a lovely sentiment. Thanks for sharing, Rosalind!

  2. Lovely post. I believe that small things make a big difference, as long as we keep trying...

  3. Oh, I had no idea it was World Peace Day, either. Thanks for letting me know!

  4. World peace is impossible on a religious planet. There's just no tolerance between beliefs when you have millions of people involved and someone (whether it be twenty radicals in a religious nation of almost a billion people) will always turn to violence and killing.

  5. What a great post. I hadn't heard it was World Peace Day. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Had I not come to your site today I would not have known. This the news won't cover but they can hardly wait to embellish some tale of violence. Like you, I hope it won't always be so.

  7. You're right -- we are hardwired that way. But you're also right that peace starts in our own hearts and lives. We have to start somewhere!

    Thanks, Rosalind!


  8. Great reminders. Tshuvah is such a beautiful practice. I hope you're gearing up for a wonderful High Holiday time. As usual, it came around too quickly. Didn't it?

  9. Lovely post. I have to believe that peace will only come when Jesus defeats satan and then the world will finally be at rest. I know there are folks that disagree with my Christianity, but it is how I feel. I could never deny Jesus. Peace will come. We just don't know when.

    I loved reading, Rosalind. :-)

  10. Hi Brooke and thanks

    Hi Misha, I think that small things can make a difference to our individual lives but not so for the world issues. I feel so helpless when faced with those.

    Hi Talli, isn’t it a shame that the BBC and other TV channels choose not to publicise such a worthwhile event.

    Hi Michael, that’s the most painful part of all this mess that we’re in. Religion should be about good and yet it creates such depths of emotion that, as you say, there are some who resort to violence. How can we ever reach them?

    Hi Shirley and thanks.

    Hi Bridget, maybe we should bombard the BBC with information about World Peace Day next year and then they’ll have to mention it... won’t they?

    Hi Amy, that’s a wise observation. Thank you.

    Hi Robyn R., shona tovah to you and, yes, it does come round quickly!

    Hi Robyn C. and thanks. I wish there didn’t have to be evil in the world and I pray that it will be replaced with peace. I just don’t expect it to be in my lifetime.

  11. Thanks for telling us about World Peace Day! I'd sure like to see at least one day where there isn't any violence or war.


  12. Great points, Rosalind, and thanks for posting about this.

    I fear conflict is the flip side of our social side, the one that gives us a sense of community and belonging. Peace and nature might just be mutually exclusive. Still, that doesn't mean it's not worthy of thought, attention and action.