Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Pet Points

I’ve been tagged by Maria at First Draft Café. Maria is one of the few bloggers who I know in real life. We joined together to present a creative writing evening for local residents... a most successful event. Now Maria has tagged me and the rules are that I must tell you 10 random things about myself but I'm changing that slightly to 10 facts about me and my pets (not forgetting some cat photos at the end of the post.)
1. The first fact has to be that I still miss my darling dog Josh who died suddenly exactly a year ago.
2. Josh was only my second ever dog. When I met Mr A he came as one of a pair, him and Ben. It was definitely a case of ‘love Mr A, love his dog’.
3. I’ve always had cats since I was a little girl. My first cat was called Timothy.
4. For many years I was the slightly embarrassed owner of two cats who my ex-husband named Plink and Plonk. They were lovely boys but, with names like that, I preferred not to call them in from the front of the house.
5. When I moved in with Mr A we had to introduce Plink and Plonk to Ben. Ben was a very excited dog. ‘Living with cats! Yo and woof!’ How wrong can a dog be? They sat on the dining table and took swipes at his muzzle as he trotted past. ‘What did I do to deserve that?’
6. I had Plink and Plonk for about 19 years... and then came Rosie, a loving little tortoiseshell cat. She had been rescued from a family where the toddler had stabbed one of her kittens with a scissors and thrown another down the stairs. The social services removed Rosie and her surviving kittens and rehomed all but Rosie… until we came along. We had her for almost 17 years. She died two years ago.
7. Long before Rosie was born my mum embroidered a picture of a cat. To our surprise it was our Rosie. She was always being held up next to it to show off the likeness whenever we had visitors.

Wasn't my Mum clever!
8. In March this year, just before mum died, she told me that it was time I got cats again. On her advice I did just that. It was good advice.
9. In March Mabel and Charlie entered our lives. They are middle-aged, blue/grey, girl cats who desperately needed a new home. When we first got them they were very nervous and timid.
10. Mable and Charlie are no longer nervous and timid. Only last night they were racing each other up and down the stairs and leaping across us as we watched the television. It’s good to have pets in the house again.     

Mabel: Why are you disturbing our breakfast?

Charlie: What's this camera doing here?

Now it's time to pass the tag on. I've tried to choose bloggers who I haven't sent awards to recently but who are regular visitors to my blog. Apologies to those I've missed.

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  1. You are certainly pet people. It's god you adopted this couple.
    They really are very pretty.

  2. I'm definitely a cat person, your blues are lovely gals. Everyone loves puppies, including me, but when they get to be adults... dogs terrify me and usually know they do! Skeery

  3. Isn't it amazing the connection we can have with our pets. My last dog died about five years ago and I still dream about him. LOVED that dog.

    Thanks for tagging me. I'll have to think up a good theme like you did. :)

  4. I can understand how you feeling about loosing your dog, two years on and I still miss my boxer so much.We also had a cat called Jake who was the double of Mabel, he lived until he was fifteen.

  5. Plink's a cute name for a cat! Not to sure about Plonk though...

  6. Hi Ros .. as you said your mother was wise .. and Charlie and Mabel .. look wonderful companions. Lovely tapestry .. and again funny how Rosie came along to complement the framed picture. Fun - love to read about your animals .. glad Mr A likes cats too ... cheers for now - Hilary

  7. Thank you for tagging me Rosalind, I'll try to think of something interesting for next week!

    I adore that last picture of Charlie, she's so curious!

  8. Thanks so much for tagging me, Rosalind. I have done my post this morning.

  9. I think there is more written about pets than anything else in blog land. Through them we are allowed to express our feelings about life and of course they can be stroked,cuddled and talked to endlessly - no complications! Allergies abound my end but I would love to have a long history of pet ownership..

  10. I got my cat as a rescue case, very hard work but after 12 years just starting to calm down. He still attacks our dog in much the same way as Plink and Plonk attacked Ben. Dogs don't learn though, do they?

  11. Hi GigglesandGuns, they are rather pretty, aren’t they *spoken as a true doting mummy*

    Hi Amalie, I used to be scared of dogs until I me Ben. He was such a sweetie that I couldn’t possibly be scared any more.

    Hi L. G. I know exactly how you feel and am sure I’ll still be missing Josh every bit as much another four years down the line. You’re welcome for the tag and I’ll be along to see what theme you’ve chosen!

    Hi Cassam, as I’ve just said to L.G. I do understand how you’re still missing your boxer. Sorry to hear about Jake too.

    Hi Jenny, they were a really cute pair of cats regardless of their name – ex-husband eh!

    Hi Hilary, yes it’s good that Mr A has accepted my type of cat world. He’d always had dogs until now. Charlie idolises him and I suspect he’s got a special soft spot for her too.

    Hi Sarah, you’re welcome and the picture of Charlie was unplanned but I couldn’t resist using it.

    Hi Rebecca, you’re welcome and I shall pop over to read your random facts.

    Hi Susan, so sorry you’re allergic to animals. I didn’t realise. I’d hate not to be able to stroke or cuddle them and yes, they are good company.

    Hi Annalisa, 12 years is a long time to take to calm down. I wonder if it’s just the aging process that’s calming him down, but as long as he can still take a pop at the dog then he’s doing fine!

  12. I'm so glad I tagged you, what a wonderful incite into how your pets have walked alongside you throughout life.

    I'm off to visit some of the blogger's you've tagged now. :)

  13. My first cat was named Louisa. She was black with a white chest and one white hind leg and I loved her dearly. I don't have cats anymore because my husband is allergic, but now I have 2 rescued dogs I adore. So glad Mabel and Charlie are in your life, especially after your recent losses.

  14. I just got tagged with this too. It's a fun one it seems. I liked yours :)

  15. It's amazing how attached we can become to our critters, isn't it? I'm so glad you got more cats. Too many of my friends refused to get another pet after they'd lost one, because they couldn't bear the thought of getting attached, and then losing again. But there is sooooo much joy in having pets. It'd be much worse to me NOT to be attached to an animal or two or three or . . .

  16. That's a goose-bump inducing coincidence regarding Rosie and your mom's embroidery.

    As a social worker, I can't help but have concern for that vicious toddler. What's going on in that house? Yikes.

    Your pets are lucky to have such a loving home.

  17. Hi Rosalind - it is so nice getting to know you. The embroidery that your mother did is beautiful! To think of the time and care she put into making it. Isn't it a warm and comforting feeling to have such a treasure? Hugs, Maeve

  18. Pets make a home, loved your 10 things about your pets. Licks from out two doggies x

  19. Plink and Plonk. Funny. :-)

    I don't know that many people who have (had) a dog and cats at the same time. Usually it seems an either-or.

  20. Hi Maria, I'm so glad you tagged me too as I enjoyed writing this post.

    Hi Susannah, sorry to hear about your husband's allergy but glad that he's not allergic to dogs as well. That would have been a pain.

    Hi Kelley, I'll have to pop over to see what 10 things you choose.

    Hi Susan, I must admit I almost didn't get any more pets. You get to love them just too much.

    Hi Robyn, we couldn't believe it when we got Rosie and compared her to the embroidered picture. lol

    Hi Maeve, I am cherishing all the things my mum made and gave me now that she's no longer here.

    Hi Pauline, thanks for those sloppy licks ;-)

    Hi K.C. Josh and Rosie got on really well together. It's not all Tom and Jerry cartoon stuff!