Friday, 10 June 2011

I Feel Dizzy

There are two reasons for this. The 1st reason is boring and I’ll give it no more than 3 sentences...

1.  The anti-depressants that the doctor gave me just before Mum died did what they had to do and got me through the horrible bits but they also kidnapped my brain.

2.  Last week I decided to get my brain back so I stopped taking the pills.

3.  Yes, yes, I now know that you’re not supposed to come off pills just like that and that I should have cut them in half, taken them every other day and all that sort of thing, but I didn’t and now it’s too late and I feel dizzy.

There! Let that be the end of the discussion! I shall move swiftly on...

I loved all your comments this week about the skipping and ball games and, what with that pill incident that we’re not supposed to be discussing, I got to thinking about all those twizzling, twirling games we used to play.

I really did have an old fashioned spinning top and I loved to play with it but I much preferred to spin myself. A favourite game was to cross arms, hold a friend’s hands tightly and spin round until we dropped. Then we’d lie on the ground and watch the sky slowly moving, vortex style. I don’t know why we did it but I’m guessing that kids are still doing it and always will.

There were lots of gentler circle games that we played in the playground. Did I say gentler? ‘The Farmer’s in his Den’ was anything but gentle. It was also just a tad middle-class and sexist now I come to think about it. The farmer (always a boy) stood in the middle of the circle and the rest of us would walk round holding hands and singing,

The farmer’s in his den
The farmer’s in his den
Eee, eye, addy, oh
The farmer’s in his den

Next he chose a wife (a girl of course) ...

Then the wife wanted a child (usually a girl) ...

And the child wanted a nurse (a girl again) ...

Finally the nurse wanted a dog. This could be either a girl or a boy but, for reasons that I never understood, I was often that dog. This was not good because the final verse went...

We all pat the dog
We all pat the dog
Eee, eye, addy, oh
We all pat the dog

And ‘patting’ meant beating the back of the poor unfortunate ‘dog’ until a teacher came to rescue her (me!)

As the years went on the games changed but still I had this need to make myself dizzy. My favourite fairground ride was The Waltzers. The ride spun one way and the seat spun the other. I’d ride it again and again. What was I thinking of?

I put it all down to the recklessness of youth. Now please excuse me while I go and lie down in a darkened room... *sigh*



  1. Oh my giddy aunt! You are amazing, in fact I did all those things too. Spinning around with my sister until we fell and watched the sky. We played the Farmer has a dog, but still the same! And finally the waltzers, still my most favourite ride at the fair!

    On to more serious words....take care... enough said...hugs too!

    And by the way... there is something for you on my Blog I hope you will accept it and do the honours and more importantly I hope it will make smile until you are dizzy...giggling! Go on over and take a peek!

  2. Hey, sometimes you just have to get your brain back! I'm sure you will be fine, and the spinning top brought back memories to me, too.

  3. Rosalind, I do hope you feel better soon!
    Not at all pleasant to feel dizzy!

    I used to love my spinning top and also played Farmer's in his Den ... you brought back some fun memories to me!

    Margie :)

  4. Oh, I also went on that wild and crazy ride, The Waltzer... will have to call my sister today and ask her if she remembers how dizzy we would be after getting off that ride.

    Such a long time ago but what wonderful memories.

  5. I remember Farmer in the Dell but don't recall the order of events. Your memory serves you better so you can't be too dizzy yet. I was dizzy for a while and attributed it to old age but then it left. Hope yours leaves soon too. It's more fun spinning in the grass till you drop :)

  6. Good for us to remember that kids love to dizzy themselves, they also love all things reckless. These are ingredients that could be gold for stories. :)
    Wagging Tales - Blog for Wrtiers

  7. we used to play those games at school too.

    I hope you will be regaining normal consciousness soon. My mum has been on anti-depressants too and it's really tough. I told my mum about you and your blog; she's interested as to where exactly in Leicester you live.

    Duncan In Kuantan

  8. My children are always spinning round until they fall over in fits of giggles :D

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling so dizzy, and tsk tsk for coming off the anti-ds so abruptly! Hope the withdrawal symptoms abate soon x

  9. Hi Pauline, thank you so much for the award. I'll be including it in a blog very soon. I'm impressed that you can still cope with The Waltzers. Just the thought might well send me back to that darkened room!

    Hi Karen, those spinning tops were so pretty, weren't they.

    Hi Margie, thanks and glad to have brought back fun memories for you. I love nostalgia.

    Hi Manzanita, I'm afraid I'm getting a bit too old for spinning in the long grass... however much fun it was.

    Hi Charmaine, sometimes it makes you wonder how any of us survived childhood with all that recklessness!

    Hi Duncan, I'll get in touch and compare notes with your Mum very soon ;-)

    Hi Clare, thanks but we did say we wouldn't mention the 'coming off the pills' issue again! ;-)

  10. Crossing hands and spinning around: how I loved that! :-) Every time I was amazed at the speed we accomplished.

    I hope the involuntary dizziness clears up soon!

  11. Hi K.C. and the other thing we did that built up amazing speed was to hold hands in a line, run down the playground and then stop and the person on the end used to take off!

  12. You just brought back fun memories. I love watching all the colors swirl around as I spin those tops. I was never quite as brave as you, though and wouldn't dare ride one of those Waltzers.

    PS I really hope you join the Saturday Centus crew. You'd be a great addition. It's been really fun and helpful.


  13. I loved this post, such a dizzying number of spinning memories. I don't recall any of these games being played back in Sweden. We didn't even spin any tops as far as I can remember. But we did other daring things, of course.

  14. Hi Robyn, the colour swirls were magical when we were kids, weren't they. Thanks for your kind invite re the Saturday Centus.

    Hi Canyon Girl, how fascinating that you played no spinning games in Sweden. I wonder if that's a cultural thing and are there other places in the world where the kids don't play spinning games. I wonder if you used to play games that we never knew about. Like I say, fascinating. :-)

  15. Hi Ros - I hope the dizziness has eased off now - but perhaps the childhood games have finally caught up?

    It's been really interesting reading about everyone's childhood games ..

    Feel better soon .. with thoughts for April .. Hilary