Monday, 27 June 2011

Cool cats on a hot day

Charlie says: "What was Mabel doing in my conservatory?"

Charlie says: "You can't beat a cool doorstep on a hot day. Lovely!"

Charlie says. "Oh no! Mabel's back again!"

Summer has arrived in the UK! Hope you're all keeping cool.



  1. Love your cats so gorgeous and your garden looks beautiful. Keep cool and drink plenty! xx

  2. Thanks Pauline. It is a fabulous garden and all thanks to Rod's hard work. Am off to pour out the tea as I type ;-)

  3. As I write this, I'm sticky and sweaty on the leather sofa. Not good.

    But YAY for summer!

  4. Stay cool over there too. I linked to you today.
    Be well, Rosalind.

  5. Hi Talli, hope you've abandoned that sticky sofa and got yourself some sunshine. We get precious little of it these days.

    Hi Robyn, thank you so much for such a kind link over at I'm blushing as I type this. :-)

  6. Oh yes, its ridiculously hot today isn't it? Or maybe we're just not equipped with air con to deal with it. I do like it though and have to be honest, am waiting eagerly for the thunderstorm (supposedly on its way!)

  7. I love your cats and your garden is beautiful!
    We had a wonderful cool day here and I'm enjoying it very much!
    Tomorrow is going to be a scorcher so I've spent a lot of time outdoors today.

    Margie :)

  8. Lovely - both cats and their surroundings! Hope you all manage to stay cool! :)

  9. I love the garden! We have to enjoy the hot weather while we have it, the cold, gray winter rolls in far too soon.

  10. Hi Ros .. it was hot down here yesterday and muggy all night - warm day ahead. I quite enjoyed Mum's room with the fan on! Fortunately being by the sea .. there's usually a breeze with all the windows open.

    Cats sure know the best places .. and I love the photos .. cheers for now - Hilary

  11. Hi Talei, I suspect it's us not being equipped for this sort of weather.

    Thanks Margie, but I think they got it wrong about the weather! It's chilly now (Tuesday!)

    Yes, thank you Duncan. You're absolutely right. Summer's gone again!

    Thanks Jemi, the cats love their garden too :-)

    Hi kmckendry, it's so right what you say about our winters.

    Hi Hilary, would love to be by the sea right now... even if the weather has gone all grotty again.

  12. Hi! I'm new to your blog. I love it! My cats are staying indoors now... It is raining every day.