Monday, 13 June 2011

Chwee... chwee... chwee... chwee...

I’m trying to prepare a second sepia blog. I’ve selected photographs of my family in the 1920s and I’ve scanned them onto the computer but every time I try to think about the words...

Chwee... chwee... chwee... chwee...

Daddy Chaffinch is at it again. He’s been chwee... chwee... chwee-ing all day, every day for almost a week now and it’s driving me crazy. I think it must be his way of telling his babies that he’s just popped out for some nice juicy insects and he’ll be back soon. 

‘Aaah, sweet,’ I hear you say.

No! It’s not sweet. It’s aural torture. Please Chaffinch babies, grow up and fly away... preferably this afternoon.

This is the second brood that Mummy and Daddy Chaffinch have brought into the world this year. Their nursery is hidden in the depths of our wisteria. The wisteria is up against our bedroom wall and yes, chaffinches get up early... very early indeed!

I was excited when The Chaffinch Family chose our garden for their nursery. I was feeling virtuous that our home-made compost (that writhing mass of brown which Mr A keeps spreading furiously across the garden) is providing them with lots of fresh food. I’m also grateful that Mabel and Charlie were never educated in the ways of hunting cats.

So this should be a positive experience and it would have been if only Daddy Chaffinch hadn’t turned into such a repetitively rowdy father. That bird is pushing us all to the limit. Even Mabel and Charlie have been doing a few of those silent I’m-coming-to-get-you meows today and if this goes on any longer I’ll be making I’m-coming-to-get-you noises too...

... It’s ok. I feel better now I’ve got that off my chest. I’m going to go back to writing my sepia blog now but don’t bother trying to talk to me because I’m wearing ear plugs. 

Chwee... chwee... chwee... chwee... chwee... chwee... chwee... chwee... chwee... chwee...



  1. LOL - what's he making such a racket for? Is he after some food from you? I know that the dawn chorus is supposed to be poetic and romantic but sometimes I feel like getting an air-gun out at five in the morning. :)

  2. 3.30 am is the time they start up in our garden, only the occasional chaffinch but you should hear the blackbirds. Now I'm in Michigan it's dark until 5.30 ad I don't recognise the bird song. Definitely no chaffinches here.

  3. That close, the chirping would be annoying. Luckily you don't have a western blue jay. Oh, the racket they make! Your head rings from miles away.

  4. Hi Sue, right now the dawn chorus would sound good comapared to Mr Chaffinch.

    Hi Bob, how strange to not recognise the early morning bird song. Don't they even have sparrows in Michigan?

    Hi M Pax, we have plenty of Magpies that make a strange clackerty chattering sound.

  5. Funny how the idea of nature is far more palatable than the reality!

  6. You have my sympathy!!!

    We have a couple of birds who start cheeping around 4:30 every morning. Love them, but not so much when they're so early & loud!!

  7. Come stay at my mum's, they have dozens of Ecalectus parrots - they go Raaaark! Raaaark! from about 4am. I always need to take earplugs when I go there.
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  8. I look forward to seeing this sepia blog! I love old photographs!

    And thanks for the email!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  9. They are adorable but all that chattering can drive one bonkers!

    Good luck with the new blog!

    Margie :)

  10. Hi Beth, I've always known that nature in real time is less than palatable what with creepy crawlies, food chain issues and slimy emissions! Yuk.

    Hi Jemi, I'd love to know what variety of birds you have chwee-ing outside your windows.

    Hi Charmaine, thanks for the invite but I think it's going to have to be a 'no!' Raaaarking parrots would push me over the edge!

    Hi Duncan, I'm working on it ;-)

    Hi Margie, don't get me wrong. Chaffinches are beautiful to look at and they usually make a more melodious sound than this. It's definitely a baby-in-the-nest thing.

  11. Commiserations! We often hear jackals at night, but they don't stop us sleeping and they're not as bad as the trance music that sometimes wafts over the valley towards us!

  12. Hi Ros .. lovely pretty bird though! Two broods already .. they're saying the insects were good earlier in the year and they were .. lots in the air ..

    Enjoy the photos and the new blog with your added notations .. interesting project .. cheers Hilary