Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Richard III - Post 8 of 10

Me chatting with customers
Twenty thousand people have filed past the coffin of Richard III in Leicester Cathedral over the last few days. For me today has been another day of signing my Children's Book of Richard III on the market. Did I mention how cold it is? No? It's freezing!!

Fortunately, Leicester Market is packed with friendly people. Many have travelled a long way to come and visit Leicester Cathedral and most of them want to chat about Richard III. I've done a lot of chatting as well as signing!

Tomorrow is the reinterment. I don't have tickets for the event so I will have to rely on the myriad of TV cameras to see what's going on. I thought, today, I would mention just one of the events which will be taking place during the service.

Dame Carol Ann Duffy has written a poem called 'Richard' to be read out at the service. It includes the phrase 'grant me the carving of my name' and, of course, tomorrow his name will finally be seen carved in the sarcophagus.

The poem is being read by Benedict Cumberbatch. There are two reason why he was chosen. Firstly, he is playing the part of Richard III in a forthcoming TV programme called The Hollow Crown. (Something to look forward to!) Secondly, he is Richard III's third cousin sixteen times removed. (Who knew?!)


  1. It's wonderful that so much interest has been generated by this. I'm going to wait until the crowds thin out a bit before I visit - but I plan to get to the cathedral before too much longer.

  2. Hi Ros .. freezing - I can believe that. Interesting about the poem - I shall be watching and listening out .. didn't know about Benedict playing Richard in the Hollow Crown .. and yet another relative .. isn't Jon Snow one too? Couldn't find them for love and money - now Richard has them all over the place.

    So pleased you're getting to meet so many people - must be such fun (I know tiring too) ..

    Brilliant reading these posts .. cheers Hilary

  3. and he IS Benedict Cumberbatch awesomeness. I have no doubt Thursday will be an excellent day. congrats all around

  4. What a great day it will be today. Do hope it's not raining where you are (it's winter again here).

  5. When the re-inerment was mentioned on TV - yes, even international TV - I bragged to the OH that I knew a woman online who'd written a book about him. :)

  6. Hope you sell lots of books. Shame you didn't get tickets. How dare they not send you some!