Wednesday 18 March 2015

Richard III - Post 1 of 10

This time next week will be the eve of the reinterment of King Richard III in Leicester Cathedral. If anyone is surprised by this news then where have you been for the last year?

My plan is to post up a short blog each day for the next ten days with information about events, my contribution and a few snippets about Richard himself.

Richard III - Post 1 of 10:

Today I made my final school visit before the reinterment. I have visited so many schools to talk about my book, The Children's Book of Richard III, that I’ve lost track of which school was which. I only know that every school had a different feel to it. The children had a different way of behaving, of listening, of asking questions. Some of the questions were excellent. Others were not so. One of today’s questions was,

“What happened to Richard III’s crown after Henry VII had finished with it?”

“Good question,” I replied. “I don’t know the answer!” (Must do some swatting up!)

A section of Alice Povey's brilliant illustration from my book depicting the Battle of Bosworth

Yesterday’s school invited me in because 20 of the children had been chosen to take part in Sunday’s cortege when Richard’s body is received into the Cathedral. They were all understandably excited and I had to hide my jealousy (jealousy is not an admirable emotion).  Some schools have invited me to talk about what it’s like to be an author. Most of the schools have been happy with my regular talk entitled, “How on earth did a King get to be under a car park?” …but more of that tomorrow.