Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Last Bank Holiday

In the UK we've just had our last Bank Holiday until 25th December.

The rain fell...

The wind blew...

The sun hardly showed itself...

But we had fun out and about, visiting family and doing real Bank Holiday type activities, like taking our grandchildren for their first steam train ride:

Today the local children went back to school. I watched them going down the road wearing new school uniforms with sharp creases in their trousers, perfectly tied ties and plenty of room to 'grow into them'. It reminded me of when I used to send my kids off to school. I even shed a few tears. How soppy is that? 

So the holidays are truly over and, like I said, the next one in the UK won't be for four months [Message to Government: Can we have a few more please?] but in the meantime I have a camera full of photographs and a whole load of memories of a lovely time and that's very precious.

What's your favourite way to spend a Bank Holiday?


  1. Hi Ros,

    I enjoy spending time with people who make me happy. However, the August Bank Holiday is usually spent as a time for reflection, and a bit of forward planning.

    With four months left, I'm going to plan at least that many treats!

    My list so far includes a day out in the countryside with just my camera for company. I love Autumn trees

    A day at Ragdale Hall in Leicestershire, where I can relax and unwind.

    A writers day out (not planned yet, as can't find a conference that just does a day pass, or a workshop)

    The last one is still in my mind, not quite formed, but I have an inkling to learn something new, so perhaps a one-day course somewhere.

    Not sure what I want to do, all I know is it needs to be something fun and interesting.

    I expect I'll have to do all the other stuff in life too though Like work, and Christmas shopping!

  2. I don't have a car (from choice) so Bank Holidays present a challenge as public transport is often pared to a minimum. I love it if the family come, of course (picnics - even indoor picnics if the weather is rubbish!)

    And for the late May Bank Holiday I usually hire a car and go to Chippenham Folk Festival, doss about listening to music like an ageing hippy.

  3. Since I work in America, and as a hairdresser, I get Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter off. Corporate America doesn't believe in giving too many holidays. Although, government and banks get lots of Holidays. Everyone noted on the calendar.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  4. Hi Ros,

    Well here in Malaysia we have so many holidays eg. Chinese, Muslim and Indian holidays, king's birthday, sultan's birthday, independence day, Malaysia day etc...

    We usually go to the beach on these days for a saunter on the sand and a McFlurry.

    To reply to your slightly teasing comment on my blog, I honestly don't miss anything about life in England. I'm living such a happy life that I don't really have time to think about my former home.

  5. I like the feeling of a day gently unrolling. Husband not at work, time slows. Treats in the fridge. Even the cats sense we are less pressured.More Bank Holidays, Please!

  6. Hi Ros .. wonderful to read - and so great you were able to take the grandchildren on a puff puff train!

    I'm happy with everyone else at work!? Bit unfair I guess .. but us oldies can have a few 'odd' ideas?!

    Cheers for now .. Hilary

  7. I don't know who was more excited about the train journey. The grandchildren, or Mr A?

  8. Hi Maria, an admirable list. Ragdale Hall sounds very inviting.

    Hi Jo, I'd never thought of travel problems for the car-less. I'm afraid I'm lost without the car. Your May holiday activity sounds like fun.

    Hi Shelly, sorry to hear that you don't get the Bank Holidays off. I thought it was just the UK who had few holidays.

    Hi Duncan, yes it was meant as a tease. I've got the hint by now that you're not about to return to us in rainy Leicester!

    Hi Carol, my problem is that since Mr A retired every day starts like that and we have to be really strict with outselves and set the alarm just a few days a week so we can enjoy it all the more when we don't!

    Hi Son, that was so funny watching Mr A hopping around with excitement as the steam train arrived.

  9. My favourite way to spend a bank holiday is working - so I can have a day off later when everything's a bit quieter!
    I grew up in a holiday town so I suppose it put me off crowds. I spent this one doing housework :)

  10. I worked on Monday - it was very busy because of the weather so it was fun! I've always thought we should have one around the middle of November - it's a long time until Christmas.

  11. sounds like a splendid day despite the rain. We get a long weekend in the US - Monday is Labor Day, but the goal is to NOT work. Makes sense, doesn't it? No plans set and I don't think any rain - probably a good day to read on the patio.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. you've given me an idea for when I visit my grandsons next month. Note to self - look up cost of hire car for a day and a trip on the Bluebell Railway.

  13. Here in the US, we have Labor Day coming up and our favorite activity here is for my hubby to put something wonderful on the grill. I don't know what he has planned yet, but I know it will be good.