Sunday, 14 August 2011

You are invited to a Tea Party

Location: The bottom of this blog post
Time: Now
Dress Code: Something flowery

What a lovely idea to have a blog award celebrating friendship. The Liebster Award has been given to me by my blogger friend Rebecca Bradley at Life in Clarity. Do pop along and visit her [but not until you’ve joined me in our tea party, of course.]

I don’t understand loners. I’m best as part of a group [even if I am a bit bossy]. Friends are the most important part of my life. When I say ‘friends’ I mean members of the family too. My best friends are my amazing kids, my long-suffering husband and my lovely sister.

And when I say ‘friends’ I don’t mean all those people on Facebook. I mean the ones who turn up when you’re in trouble, who phone when things are going wrong, who offer to do something... anything and who genuinely want to make you feel better.

Some of the people I’ve met through this blog have become friends and I know that quite a lot of my friends read this blog. I also know that you know how awful this last year has been. Last August Rod was seriously ill in hospital, last September my darling dog Josh died, in December Mum collapsed and this April Mum died. I’ve needed my friends more than I ever have done before. So, to say thank you for being there, I’m throwing a Jvirtual tea partyJ 

Friends who read blogs have no idea how exciting it is to get a new follower. It’s not the same as making a new friend but it shows that there’s someone out there who I’ve connected with and that’s important. So do please follow my blog before partaking of cake and a cuppa and then you might like to go and visit some of my blog friends, because I must now pass on the Liebster Award to six bloggers who, in the spirit of Rebecca’s wishes, have less than 250 followers.

So I award the Liebster Blog Award to:

Kathy McKendry at Imagine Today 

Pauline Barclay at Scribbles

Amy Sonnichsen at The Green Bathtub

Julie Kemp Pick at Empty Nest Insider 

And now...

It's party time!!!

    Do have a cup of tea.   

Sugar or sweeteners? 
 Or are you sweet enough? 
 *giggles at polite joke*

Help yourself to cake.

Anyone fancy jelly and ice cream?

Isn't the weather fabulous. We're lucky the rain's held off for our party. Are you going on holiday this year? Top up of tea? Thank you so much for coming along. I love parties... 


  1. Thank you for the award. How lovely! I have my tea without sweeteners - as long as it has milk in it. And lots of jelly and ice cream, please - as long as it's virtual! Holidays? We went to Italy for a week and intend to go to England in November.

  2. Congratulations on receiving this wonderful friendship acknowledgement and then passing it on to someone else. I have to admit, when I saw the title of your post a few minutes ago in my Google Reader, I thought..."If this is a post about how wonderful Michelle Bachman is and the whole T.E.A. Party thing I may just puke..." But it wasn't about that :))) Sorry to hear about your mum. Always your blogger buddy /hugs.

  3. Hi Miriam and Michael, you're the first two to arrive. Come on in. There are crisps over on the table and I've got a jug of punch here if anyone fancies something a bit *hic* stronger.

  4. Hello! Ooh that's a lovely cuppa you make! What's your secret? And what on earth is in that punch?!

  5. Hi Rosalind and party guests,

    How about a lovely big jug of Pimms and Lemonade? Its good to catch up with each other and have a laugh and a natter about this and that...


  6. What a lovely garden party! The cake is delicious and the tea is perfect - how did you know I love Chai tea??? :)

    Congrats on the award and I love the celebration - friends are worth far more than the cliched weight in gold :) *hugs*

  7. I am warming up the water right now for a REAL cup of tea! Thank you for inviting me, Rosalind, and thank you for the LOVELY award.

    I usually drink Chinese tea, so I don't really like sugar in it. I guess I AM sweet enough. *polite chortle* Your cake is divine! I'll have to get your recipe, darling.

    *Kisses on both cheeks*

  8. Your party is delightful and the decorations sumptuous. It is so much fun and a gracious hostess. I'm happpy your year is in calmer waters. You have had your share.
    Cheers and much love

  9. I will sit down at your lovely tea party with pleasure, but first I must give you a big hug and say I am so sorry for all your grief of the year. I hope you can find solace as you put things back together.

  10. You know how to throw a lovely tea party. Congrats on your award and thanks so much for passing it on to me. I hope the rest of this year holds happiness for you. I've so enjoyed getting to know you these past few months. :)

  11. Congrats on the award and the tea party sounds wonderful!
    Friends like the ones you have a blessing when times get rough!
    I hope the rest of this year will be one of joy for you and all your love ones.

    Oh, I used to have the most lovely little tea parties with my daughter when she was a little one.
    Such wonderful memories of those times with her!

    Enjoyed this post, Rosalind.

  12. Love your virtual party! Glad I made it along!

    Duncan In Kuantan

  13. Thank you for sharing this wonderful award with me Rosalind! You may change your mind after I order a vanilla chai latte! Sorry you had such a horrible year. You have such a positive outlook that I know good things will come your way! In the meantime, you and Mr A need to continue to take care of each other. Julie

  14. The secret, Cat, is to warm the teapot first and as for the punch, that's all down to Maria's Pimms. Thanks for bringing it along, Maria.

    So glad you noticed the Chai tea there, Jemi. I got it in just for you. I'm hoping it'll be to Amy's taste too. Is that the variety you usually drink, Amy?

    So glad you like the decorations, Manzanita, and thank you so much for the *hug* Karen. Now do go and get yourselves a drink.

    Thanks, Kathy, it's been lovely getting to know you too. Have you met Margie? Yes, I used to have those little tea parties when I was a kid (going back a long long way) *more polite laughter*.

    Glad you made it along, Duncan. Hi Julie, a vanilla chai latte is no problem. *whisks a perfectly made one out of thin air*.

    I do love a good party :-)

  15. Squizz and I are just popping in for a ... Green tea with mint! How did you know that was our favourite? I'll hold Squizzey's while he gives you some special squirrel hugs, you've had a rough year.

    We're not holidaying this year but Europe is coming to us in the form of homestay students which is brilliant fun, especially when we try and cook the recipe they bring with them.

  16. I'll have the green tea with mint too, thank you :)...Thanks for the award, rosalind, and for being my friend both on my blog and twitter!

  17. Hope you don't mind but I've brought to doggies too, they love a piece of cake. Oh and I see there is jelly too...yum! Oh yes, tea without sugar and plenty of milk...thank you! So many lovely people at your party, wonderful!

    Thank you for awarding me the prize and for being my friend, even on Blogs they can be special. I will cherish it.Congratulations to you. If anyone deserves this award, you do.
    Hugs from me and licks from the pooches! x

  18. Oh my goodness that gerbil (?) is so adorable!

  19. Oh yay! Well, I'm a bit late to the party, but I do hope you have some tea and scones left. Thanks, Rosalind!

  20. Hi Ros .. it's been a challenging year for you .. and a peaceful tea party sounds an excellent idea. I didn't come at the weekend as we had the Red Arrows and I wouldn't have got a word in edgewise .. I do love a good conversation. A cup of tea with some local history thrown in .. sounds an excellent idea .. and if there's left over fruit cake .. I'll have a slice of that - delicious .. Cheers Hilary

  21. Thanks for the party, Rosalind. I was having a cuppa as I clicked onto your blog so it was very appropriate.... and uplifting. And a lift up is just what I needed. Kristal send you a slurpy lick!

  22. I loved the tea party Rosalind!

    With all the social networking sites out there, I love blogging because it's a real space to have conversations and talk. People are open and honest and share and listen. I can't believe it took me so long to find the blogging world.

    I've only been following your blog a short time, but love your honesty and openness. I hope the later part of this year brings with it some peace and happiness for you.

    I will check out your recommendations as well. :)

  23. You're welcome, Damyanti, hope I've made the tea minty enough.

    Hi Kath, this is the first time I've met Squizz. I hope squirrels get on with dogs because Pauline's just arrived with her two! Just a minute, Pauline, while I get some water bowls out. Hello, you two doggies. Aaaw! They're lovely.

    I think it's a dormouse, Jenny, but with all these animals turning up she won't be around for long I fear. She's soooo cute too.

    Always enough tea and scones for you Talli. Welcome.

    I was just getting a fresh fruit cake out of the oven, Hilary. Do have a slice. It may be a bit on the warm side.

    Do bring Kristal along, Christine. He'll have a great time with the squirrel.

    Thanks for popping by, Rebecca, and for your award which has made this lovely tea party possible!

  24. Sausages - missed the party..!