Monday, 22 August 2011

I Love Campaigns

I’ve joined a blog campaign.

Not another one!

Yes, I am a bit of a one for joining things, aren’t I.

You’ll be telling me next that it’s good for your health or something.

Well it’s funny you should say that. I did blog a few months ago about research which shows that people who join groups live longer.

No! How does that work then?

I’m not sure but I enjoy joining groups and if it’s good for me, well... *shrugs shoulders*

Point taken! So, tell me more about this blog campaign.

I thought you’d never ask. I am now officially a Platform-Building Campaigner. 
Rachael Harrie at Rach Writes... is in charge. She says and I quote
“The Campaign is a way to link those of us in the writing community together with the aim of helping to build our online platforms.
The Twitter tag is #writecampaign and there are chat groups to join and activities to keep us on our toes. There’s still time to join up. Just call in at Racheal’s blog.

I might well do that but I still don't get all this 'joining groups is good for your health' malarkey.

As it happens, I had a go at Googling that today and I found 'Our Community' who have been running a campaign called ‘Join in Join up’. Their research has shown that, and once again, I quote: 
“joining a community group can significantly improve people's wellbeing, and reduce the chance of ill-health.
Hang on. If I join loads of groups will it increase my life expectancy accordingly? 

I can't say for sure but I reckon it’s worth a try! In fact, this month, as well as joining Rachael's Campaigner group, I’m planning to sign up to our local U3A (University of the Third Age) and see if they’ve got room in their Drawing and Painting class. 

What group are you going to join this month? 
Or do you already belong to loads of groups?



  1. I'm going to look into this one sounds very interesting. I am also in a fabby group to called Take a peek when you have a moment :)

  2. Rachel's terrific - I'll be popping over!

    And maybe my health will increase so much, I won't have to head to the gym so often... :)

  3. I was going to join, but there were so many instructions that I decided it would take up too much time. Also, all the faces of those who signed up looked so young. Well... most of them. What I really want to join is an online critique group.

  4. I've found that joining online groups can be fun... and having a laugh is supposed to extend your life expectancy. However, I'm sure somewhere there'll be a piece of research that tells me that sitting at a computer screen for too long is definitely NOT going to do me much good. So I'm off in search of a real life group where I have to confront people face to face, warts and all.

  5. PS. I have to say, Rosalind, that when I started reading this post I had visions of you working on the railways!

  6. Hi Pauline, I must pop over and visit the Love a Happy ending Group.

    Hi Jemi, no, no, don't give up on the gym. You can do both.

    Hi Miriam, I'm afraid that my face isn't one of the young ones so you could still join and not be the eldest there by a long way! Hope you manage to find an online critique group.

    Hi Christine, I do agree that you have to join non-virtual groups too, hence my point about U3A... railways! lol!

  7. This is all very interesting, I can see the benefit of joining a group.

    I may just find out a little more about this campaign Rach is running - it sounds like fun!


  8. The campaign is a great idea. All writers no matter what the genre can benefit from shared knowledge and experiences. Plus who doesn't need more friends?!

  9. Hi Rosalind - new follower and fellow campaigner here. I am also a picture book writer, so glad to make your acquaintance :)

  10. Welcome to the campaign! I'm a new follower.

  11. Hello fellow campaigner! Just dropping by to say hello. Nice to meet you. :)

  12. Well I'm pretty filled up with blogging, blog-hopping, email and facebook, not to mention my recent occupation with a little "angry birds" lol

    Duncan In Kuantan

  13. If I ever get to write more than blogs I would love to join...sounds like it might be fun!

  14. I'm like you, it always gives me an extra push when I'm part of something big. :) And also, internet is gigantic these days, it's good to find like-minded people this way!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    - andrea

  15. Hi from a fellow campaigner and your #201 follower! yay :)

  16. Hello! I'm also a campaigner. :)

  17. Hi Rosalind. I'm a fellow campaigner, too. See you around.

  18. Good for you for joining.
    I've taken on other responsibilities so I won't be joining.

    M Beth Vaughn

  19. Hi Rosalind,

    Love your conversational post up above. Fellow campaigner, just popping in to say hi.

  20. Hi Rosalind. I'm a fellow campaigner. Look forward to reading more on your blog and Tweets.

  21. Hi Rosalind *waves* I see you joined both the groups I did - picture book/early reader/chapter books and UK/SA. It's nice to have a familiar face among the group of new friends!

  22. I love how you just had a conversation with yourself, Rosalind! :D

    Hmmm... this sounds very interesting. I might need to check this out. I'm kind of scared of time commitments at the moment because I'm feeling very BUSY and about to get BUSIER, but it still might be fun. And heck, I might live longer, too! :)


  23. Awesome post. I love your sense of humor. I too join more groups/projects/campaigns than I probably should, but I love feeling a part of something. I look forward to getting to know you during the campaign.

  24. Rosalind, Wow, the Campaign sounded fun on its own, but now I find out it I'll live longer...

    LOL! I can tell you are a fun girl! See you in the Campaign. Thanks for commenting!

    The Write Soil

  25. Hi Rosalind! Your blog looks like a lot of fun. I'm always a little nervous about joining things, but I couldn't resist the platform building campaign. Looking forward to the experience.

  26. Hi Maria, hope you join. A friendly face would be good.

    Hi Michael, we can always cope with more friends!

    Hi Susanna and welcome to another picture book writer. Looking forward to comparing notes.

    Hi Jen and J.R. hope to get to know you soon.

    Hi Duncan, I can see that you're well busy with family, work etc right now but angry birds?!? I must pop by your blog and check this one out!

    Hi Susan I'll let you know how it goes.

    Hi wordyliving, agreed. Like-minded people make for a successful group.

    Hi Kelley, thanks for being my 201st!

    Hi Brittany, Brooke and Roger, hope to chat some more very soon.

  27. Hi M. Beth, as long as we all keep busy, right!

    Thanks Gerhi, good to meet you.

    Hi Stacy, we're sure to be chatting soon on Twitter.

    Hi Beth *waves back frantically* a friendly face in the group. Yay!

    Hi Amy, doesn't everyone talk to themselves like that... no?... Oh! I must admit the emails that this Campaign is generating are many in number but I'm hoping it'll calm down soon.

    Thanks April, I know what you mean. I love to belong too.

    Hi Dawn, let's hope the theory works, right!?

    Thanks inluvwithwords, hope to have more chats very soon.

  28. Rosalind, What an adorable blog! Glad to be on the Campaign trail with you!

  29. I'm very impressed that you're involved in so many things! Good luck with the campaign! Julie

  30. Hi Rosalind, also a picture book writer, fellow campaigner and hoping to go to the SCBWI conference in November, so would be a pleasure to meet you in person!

  31. I'm right there with you! New follower and glad to be part of the campaign. :)

  32. Hi Roslind - I am a new campaigner and follower. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your blog.

  33. I love a good campaign. Rach is the greatest! You rock, being involved in so much. *turns green* :-)

    Following you back.

  34. Nice to meet you Rosaling! Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

  35. Hi Ros. Did the U3A have room in their drawing and painting club and did you join? Helen.

  36. Hi Rosalind!
    I'm your newest follower stopping by from the campaign trail - UK/S.Africa Group - just wanted to say, "hello!" Love your Bio - I, myself? Love the Rain!

  37. Hi Rosalind!

    I have also joined the campaign! Stopping by to say hello!


  38. Hi! I joined the campaign too!