Friday, 29 January 2016

The January greys... my opinion

People might call it the blues but it's not,
blue that is.
It's grey.
January is a grey month.
It infects us all with its greyness my opinion.

The month begins with a bang,
Gunpowder is for wars,
or mining,
not pleasure.
Money going up in smoke.
It should be banned my opinion.

As soon as the pyrotechnics cease,
the resolution-making begins;
new diet, new fitness regime, new hobby.
They never last.
You might as well make a resolution a day
(some call this a to-do list)
then at least you stand a chance of success my opinion.

It's a month of long nights,
short days
unforgiving north-easterly gales.
They conspire to wear us down,
deplete our energy
dampen our mood my opinion.

It's a month of coughs, colds, flu, bronchitis
and, if we're not careful,
There's no magic cure,
even though health food adverts tell us otherwise.
It's all a matter of luck my opinion.

Then I step out of the kitchen door.
I share a gust of biting wind
with a lone hellebore.
It's a sign,
a reminder that spring is on its way,
and though we're not yet through with the cold,
the sun is rising in the sky,
the evenings are getting lighter
and so are our spirits my opinion.


  1. excellent opinions and thank goodness there is a spot of color to contrast against the grey. Chin up and we still have February to dodge. Take care

    1. I know there's still February but it has a different feel to it somehow, doesn't it?

  2. You capture the gloom of January brilliantly (and that's why I'm always away around now!)

    1. Thanks, Jo. Can I stow away?

    2. Think you might have struggled with the tarantula, Ros!

  3. Ho Ros - January is a difficult month as too February .. as a family we have birthdays in January .. lots of us - not to say I'm frittering around having parties left right and centre ... but I was glad to be in South Africa and have sunny birthdays!! Still the plants are blooming and I hope won't be too knocked by the weather ...

    Cheers and here's to Spring being nearer by that first month of the year! Happy weekend - Hilary

    1. South Africa sounds good. Happy weekend to you too, Hilary.

  4. Well said, but for me it is still so much better than hot, hot, hot July, August, and September, but that's because I live in the desert mountains of California.

  5. Perfectly put, Ros, and not just your opinion! I long for spring and light now.

  6. Your opinion is my opinion...hahahaha

  7. That was lovely Ros and so true and the nights are at last getting lighter.

  8. What a lovely poem, and our opinions are pretty close. After a couple days of cold weather, I'm ready for spring. One of our local newspaper columnists used to call the first two months of the year Jan-u-weary and Feb-ru-ugly.