Friday, 24 May 2013

A Week of Adventures

Our adventuring began last Sunday in Manchester with one of the GrandLittles. She wanted to build a bear for her birthday so we took her on Manchester’s amazing Metro system to the vast Arndale Shopping Centre. Who knew that bear-building would involve so many decisions?
  • what kind of bear
  • what clothes will it wear 
  • what will it smell like
  • will it have a voice
  • should it be stuffed hard or soft
  • what wish should be said over the tiny red heart before it disappears inside the bear-body
  • what name will go on the birth certificate [yes, a birth certificate!]
  • will the bear need a handbag, a hair brush, a passport [they know how to capture a young girl’s imagination and, of course, yes, it needed all those things!]

The Manchester trip was a success, a lovely new bear had been 'born' plus we'd had lots of cuddles with youngest GrandLittle to round things off before we drove back home down the Motorway.

Hardly had we returned from Manchester than we were on the road again heading down South to London. As some of you may know, Mr A has to have regular health checks at a hospital unit that specialises in Amyloidosis. The results were good. He doesn’t have to go back for a whole year so that was a relief and we managed to squeeze in a few more adventures in-between all the testing.

First of all I rang @CarolJhedges on the off chance that she might be able to meet for a coffee. The coffee wasn’t logistically possible but we had such a good chat that I felt as if I was talking to an old friend who I'd know for years. [Don’t you just love the Internet?] And we will meet up some time soon, we really will!

We usually go for the London hospital tests by train but this time we took the car so we were able to drive off and explore. There’s something exciting about driving past places that you only normally see on a Monopoly Board, plus we met up with family, went out for a lovely supper in Hampstead and were even able to pop in to see Daughter on the way back home.

But now I have work to do, washing to be sorted, no food in the house and so…

Just a quick addition: Thanks to Lizy for pointing out that it looks like we did it all in one day. Mr A has two days of hospital tests and we were in Manchester all of last weekend.


  1. You did all this in one day? Flipping heck!

    1. Sorry, I didn't actually mention but he has two days of hospital tests.

  2. Oh what a day you had! The Grandlittle bear sounds darling. Glad Mr. A is doing okay.

    1. Those bears are rather lovely. Wouldn't have minded making one myself!

  3. It was indeed a lovely chat, and yes, you are right, I certainly felt as if I was chatting to an old and cherished friend! I am so glad Mr A's results were positive. What a relief!!!

    Looking forward to more chat - and a future meeting!

  4. Hi Ros .. looks like you picked some good timing ... weather is a jolly sight better than it is now - my heating keeps kicking in ... misery me! and everyone else who dislikes the cold!!

    How lovely - bear nursery .. is a great success isn't it - I went to the one in Milton Keynes a few years ago .. as they're 21 this year! So wonderful to spend time with littly - a special time and Ms Bear will be well loved - Gammy and Gampa's bear!! ..

    So pleased to read about Mr A and passing his tests ... excellent news - and then the mini monopoly board tour including visits to family and friends .. sounds fun .. I spent some of last weekend getting lost in the Hackney area .. on your own it isn't quite so easy!!

    Happy weekend and sorting etc ... cheers Hilary

  5. Oh what fun! My twin grandlittles want identical wheelbarrows for their birthday - I'm trying to work out how to get them on the bus ...

  6. I love the way you call her a Grandlittle :-) That is so sweet! Yes, i had the impression you'd crammed it all in over one weekend, but it's good to know you aren't quite that hyper-active! How lovely to have talked to Carol! You will just have to meet soon! Have a lovely relaxing weekend, Ros. x

  7. What fun! You obviously still managed to cram lots into a few days,and such a shame you couldn't meet up with Carol : )

  8. What a day you had but I bet you enjoyed every minute.


  9. excellent jaunts, and extra good news on Mr.A. Sounds like you had a lot of fun and were able to take your time about it. And there's a new bear in the family - that's a bonus. Cheers for the weekend

  10. We have Build-a-Bear here in the states. Your post just gave me an idea of what to do on one of the days my grandson will be with me.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  11. What great news for our hubby Im so pleased for you both. I love Bulid a Bear shop I went with my friend and her two year old boy,he spent the time running around and we had a ball building a bear. It's good you turn hospital visit into a fun time,shame you and Carol didn't hook up and a shame I live way up here.

  12. What a relief that Mr. A is OK. And that bear sounds like so much fun. Do you have any pictures of the final look? I'm glad you went away and had some adventures, that's always a good thing.

  13. I'm thrilled to hear the test results were good. Here's hoping they stay that way. :-)