Thursday, 10 May 2012

What fun - a break from writing!

Last month was an exceptionally heavy writing month. I'd reached the point where my brain had gone fuggy so today I took a well deserved break from the coal type-face and went with Mr A to the Malvern Flower Show.

We admired show gardens:

We browsed and bought plants:

We were quite excited to see Monty Don with BBC cameramen and big booms:

We were even more excited to bump into my friend/critique partner/blogger Alex Gutteridge from Alex Gutteridge Writes:
Bad weather is only bad if you're not dressed for it. We were all well wrapped up.
[I took my hat off for the photo or you wouldn't have recognised me!]
Without a doubt the highlight of my day was buying a heron. [Thanks, Alex for encouraging me to get him!] He is now standing proud in our garden.

And now it's now time to get on with some work. I'm revisiting a number of picture books that have been languishing in my pending file for far too long. My outing has given me a few story ideas, some writing inspiration. What's more, I've got a feeling that a heron might well appear in my next manuscript because...
Y I am now in love with herons!Y


  1. A lovely show indeed. You look so relaxed and happy. Have a great time.


  2. A well-deserved break at a lovely venue. For a sec, I though the heron was real.

  3. What a very nice day! And the heron looks perfect in that spot. Happy gardening!

  4. What a great outing. Thanks so much for sharing the lovely pictures!

    Love that heron! And especially that you're feeling inspired by him ;)

  5. That looks like such fun! I love your heron!! :)

  6. Hi Ros .. well the sun must have been shining for your photos .. they look great. And your heron - he is certainly a handsome lad ..

    Lovely to meet up with Alex - and boy do you look wrapped up and now rarin' to go ..

    Have a great weekend .. your April Challenge was such fun .. loved your theme .. cheers Hilary

  7. Beautiful photos. I love that heron too :-) I think I want one!

  8. What a magnificent Heron - I love him too :-)
    Great pictures sis - you look like you're having a wonderful time. Beautiful flowers - and BBC camera men - glad you enjoyed your away day...........
    Synchronicity - WOW and now I'm actually watching the Malvern Flower show on Gardner's World on my TV as I'm typing. It looks fantastic.........................

  9. That heron is absolutely beautiful, and best thing about it, unlike the plants in my yard, I couldn't KILL it!

  10. The heron is lovely and a good inspiration for a story.

  11. love the heron statue and the garden show pics are awesome. We actually had rain in TX, but we're never prepared with the right coats. Happy writing!

  12. Thanks for the photos! I love love love LOVE herons too.

  13. Heron is very elegant but isn't he supposed to stand by a pond to scare other herons off your goldfish?

  14. What an elegant and lovely break from writing!

    Are those painted tires in the top pictures? They are so happy and bright...they made me think of lifesavers candy!

    Hope you are recharged and relaxed now!

  15. Hi Yvonne, it was indeed a welcome day out.

    Hi Kittie, I don't think our cats would like a real heron!

    Hi Karen, thanks. We had a good time over the weekend placing all our new plants.

    Hi Ruth, it's funny how something can give you writing ideas from out of nowhere!

    Hi Jemi, he's a very handsome beast.

    Hi Hilary, glad you enjoyed my A to Z. I think I'm missing it.

    Hi Annalisa, Have I started a trend #heron?

    Hi Rifka, the silly thing is that we watched the show on Gardeners' World too and were disappointed not to see us and yet we only have to look in the mirror to see us!

    Hi Susan, I hope I don't kill it! I's blown over a few times but now has a rock on its feet!!

    Hi Anne, shiny and lovely :-)

    Hi Joanne, I'm guessing that you don't often get rain in TX.

    Hi D.J. I wonder what it is about herons. Maybe it's their posture.

    Hi Lizy, well yes, we would have put him by the pond if we had one but as we don't, and as I stomped my feet and said "I want! I want!" he's destined to live out his days as a mere object of beauty rather than a scare-heron.

    Hi Jenny, they certainly were painted tyres. I think that one was a school children inspired show garden.