Thursday, 16 February 2012

Springtime and a Good Read

It feels like spring is on the way. I know it’s only February but the sun is shining this morning. There are flowers struggling through... 
I photographed these Hellebores this morning in our garden.
...and the birds are singing in a slightly different way. I can’t quite say how, maybe a higher note, maybe more cheerily. You know what I mean, don’t you? Anyway all the bushes have new buds appearing and they’ll soon be opening and talking of new things...

[apologies for a truly groan-worthy DJ link] 

Annalisa Crawford’s new book, Cat and the Dreamer, is out this week on Kindle and as a pdf. Here’s the blurb:

Cat and the Dreamer 
published by Vagabondage Press

As a teenager Julia survived a suicide pact while her best friend, Rachel, died. Julia’s only escape from her guilt, and her mother’s over-protection, is her imagination. When Adam arrives in the office Julia’s world takes a startling turn as she realises reality can be much more fun than fantasy. Finally she has someone who can help her make the most of her life. But can she allow herself to be truly happy?

Annalisa told me that her book is now on Good Reads. I’d never been to that site before so I clicked the link and had a prowl around. It seems like a great idea, getting suggestions of books you might enjoy based on the books you've recently read, but when I tried to join up, it wanted to know a lot about me and my contacts. Maybe I’m just being super-cautious but has anybody had a bad experience through joining Good Reads? Or would you recommend it as a the next best thing to having your own personal librarian?


  1. Good grief Ros, I've jsut been looking at my hellbores through the window thinking that I must take a photo!

    You're right about the sunshine....I don't about the birds , but I feel a lot perkier today let me tell you!

  2. It's spring there? We're just heading for snow, apparently.

    I haven't had any problems with Goodreads. I don't remember giving away lots of information, but it's been some time. ~Miriam

  3. Hi Ros. today I am a) not wearing a vest (!) and b) considering hanging out washing. Need to make the most of it before next chilly blast.
    Haven't used Good Reads but quite like Library Thing for reviews that I always feel are truly impartial whereas I tend to take some of those on amazon with a pinch of salt.

  4. Analisa's book sounds good. Thanks for telling us about it.

  5. Springtime is that beautiful time of year because we say goodbye to that horrible wintry weather! Have a lovely spring Ros!

  6. Lovely flowers!

    I use Goodreads and love it. I didn't experience any increase in spam email or anything like that when I signed up. I know it asks for your contacts and so on, but that's so you can also be friends on Goodreads too. It's cool to compare books with others and see if your friends rate books similarly to you. I'll be your friend if you decide to join up!

  7. I love hellebores - especially the odd green ones at my parents place!

    The books sounds fab - will definitely look it out for my TBR list

    I have joined goodreads - and it is an interesting site. I only potter over rarely. If you do join, just make sure to check the settings for the emails - I was getting bombarded to begin with with updates - now I'm down to a weekly one, which is fine by me :)
    Laura x