Sunday, 15 May 2011

A half-perfect mini-break

We’ve been away! (Quite an event for us these days!) It was only a tiny mini-break but it was much needed and we hadn’t been on a ‘daughter visit’ for ages, so as Rod had a hospital appointment in London, we booked train tickets to London and then on to Hertford (which meant that I didn’t have any hated distance-driving to do.) Daughter had discovered a lovely new B&B in the centre of Hertford so we gave it a try.

Staying in a B&B can be a bit of a gamble. We’ve stayed in some decidedly dark and dingy ones in the past but I’m delighted to say that this was not one of them. It’s called Rigby’s and it’s only been open for a few months. A lot of thought has gone into the design of the rooms. The bed was snugly comfortable with cushions and bathrobes... 

...and a luxuriously spacious bathroom.

There was a fabulous view from the window...

...and we ate our freshly cooked breakfast in a period dining room overlooking the garden. (Whoops, I'm starting to sound like an advertisement now!)

Walking round Hertford was like being in a pretty seaside town. Even daughter’s cat was on her best behaviour, deigning to sit on my lap (I’m truly honoured, says daughter!) What a perfect mini-break... well half-perfect anyway.

Rod’s appointment was at Moorfields Eye Hospital. His eye sight hasn’t improved since he was on his second course of chemotherapy over a year ago. He’s still not able to drive. His hopes were hanging on the London Consultant suggesting a cure but sadly nerves in his eyes have been damaged and apparently there is no cure. It’s a case of coming to terms...

...but things could be worse. I may hate distance driving but at least I can drive and I did just that as soon as we arrived back. During the train journey home we realised that Rod hadn’t had fish and chips since all those food restrictions that had accompanied his stem cell transplant last August, so I drove straight round to our local chippie and we were soon scoffing fish, chips and mushy peas accompanied by two big mugs of tea. Perfect!



  1. MM, that B&B looks lovely. Sorry about the news from the doctor about your husband. Hopefully it won't get any worse.

  2. That's quite the fancy bathroom for a B & B. And I love the matching UK flag pillow on the bed. :)

  3. The B&B looked lovely. Hertford can be pretty on a sunny day. I know Moorfields. My last visit was so upsetting I never went back. Instead I became a volunteer for Guide Dogs in an attempt to find out how the system works... just in case I ever need it. Being involved with them has boosted my confidence a lot. Good luck & stay positive.

  4. Nice looking B & B. Glad that much of your visit went well. So sorry to read about your husband. That must be so difficult for him (and you).
    I looked back in your blog and am quite interested in your therapeutic writing information. I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and presently am employed as a Middle and Elementary school counsellor. I've used journal writing with many of my young clients. I'm going to head back to your website and see what else I can learn from you! Thanks.

  5. The B&B looks nice and that is a fabulous bath and tub for a B&B - well done! Looks like a lovely village too.

  6. Lovely time in spite of have doctors appointment. They must never be anything to look forward to. That is a posh B & B room and bath. Doesn't look anything like the B & B's we used to stay at when we make treks to London.

  7. sounds like a great mini break, what a nice view to wake up to

  8. Sorry about the eyes - that's a tough one. Giving up driving is hard.

    The B&B looks lovely! So glad you had a nice place to stay :)

  9. Hi Ros .. sorry to hear about Rod's eyes .. troubling and a challenge, but time to work a plan I hope, so that the best can be made of a sad thing.

    Wonderful you were able to see your daughter and family - the B & B looks really good - lucky you in finding it .. and good to know for future visits .. delighted you had lovely visit - the highlight of the trip.

    With thoughts .. cheers Hilary

  10. Decidedly dark and dingy B&Bs: yes, been there too. :-)
    This one looks lovely, though.

    I'm glad to hear you had a good time, even if the news wasn't all perfect.

  11. Thanks, S, the consultant doesn't expect it to get any worse which is something.

    Hi L.G. and they were soooo comfortable too.

    Hi Christine, sorry to hear you had a bad experience at Moorfields. Your work with Guide Dogs is brilliant. If only I wasn't so soft and soppy about dogs I'd consider it but, like I said on your blog, the grey girls (cats) wouldn't approve.

  12. Hi Better is Possible, so glad you've found something helpful in my blog. Hope you enjoy the website too.

    Hi Melissa, it's all thanks to daughter that we found such a gem.

    Thanks, Manzanita, sadly we have too many hospital appointments right now.

  13. Hi baygirl, it was a lovely view to wake up to :-)

    Thanks, Jemi, I think the driving is the biggest loss for him.

    Hi Hilary, we're working on new plans, new ways of doing things. It's just another challenge, isn't it!

    Thanks K.C. and yes, we did manage to have a good time.

  14. Always lovely to hear of good B&B's, there's always someone asking for a recommendation, good of you to share photos too. Tough coming to terms with the eye problems and your needing to be designated long distance driver.

  15. I'm glad you both had such a lovely break. You deserved it!

    Yum! Fish and chips!! *salivating*


  16. That sounds fantastic, Rosalind! Sorry to hear about Rod's eye appointment, though, but at least you were able to get away and relax.

  17. Sounds like you had a great time and as for scoffing the fish and chips and mushy peas, I'm envious!

  18. Hi Sue, you're welcome re the recommendation although I suppose that not many people in Australia would need a B&B in Hertford, UK. ;-)

    Hi Amy, sorry to make you salivate but they were delicious.

    Thanks Talli, yes it made a change to get away.

    Hi Pauline, don't tell me you can't get fish and chips in Lanzarote!!

  19. Ros,
    So glad you had a chance to get away and relax - it's been a very rough few months ( more like year) for you both.
    The place looks beautiful.
    Hope Rod finds something that compensates for his eyesight problem. Hopefully he'll still manage to work in the garden.

  20. That is one of the best B&Bs I have come across in a long time! Glad that you had time to relax; it seems Spring always brings a bit of a hectic lifestyle for everything
    And with as fast as medical and technology advances, don't give up hope yet. Who knows what they can find in a year!

  21. Oh, to be in England! I used to live there when I was young for a couple of years, maybe I told you. I'm sorry about your husband's eyes, but how fun he could have his fish and chips. I have to get out a map and see where you guys live now.--Inger

  22. I'm sorry to hear about your hubby. I'm sure it was good to relax a little and see your daughter. The B&B does look like a great find. Maybe someday I'll cross the Pond and get over to England.

  23. Thanks Ann, yes he's outside in the garden... yet again... as I type!

    Hi Ava, and thanks for your positive take on it. Yes, the specialist said that there could be something they can do for his eyes in the future.

    Hi Inger, Sorry to make you homesick for England. We're right slap bang in the middle of the country, the furthest away anyone in the UK can be from the coast.

    Thanks kmckendry, and if you ever cross that Pond, don't forget to look me up!