Sunday, 22 August 2010

Hospitals and Wormeries... Aaagh!

Rod will have been in hospital for three weeks on Tuesday. They said it would take three weeks for the entire stem cell transplant procedure, but they didn’t reckon on the chemotherapy sending his kidneys into hibernation. It would seem that the kidneys are lazy organs. That’s what the specialist said, and now they need to be coaxed into working again. The doctors are hoping to avoid dialysis because of the risk of infection but the machine is all set up and ready beside his bed just in case.

While he’s in hospital I’m in charge at home. I’ve managed to get the recycling sorted. The composting regime is easy but I made the mistake of buying Rod a wormery for his birthday earlier this year. A colony of worms is one responsibility too many. Those who know me well, know how much I loathe worms. If I touch a worm while I’m gardening the entire street knows about it but I overcame the fear. I had to. Rod’s wormery was letting in water. Some worms have drowned. I was mortified. I may not like them but I didn’t mean to kill them. The main problem is that it will not stop raining! So I’ve turned the mixture to let in some air. I’ve stirred in paper and oats to dry them out. Today I moved them all into the shed... without screaming once. Who’d have thought it?

Not all of my additional responsibilities are yuk, for example taking Josh-the-dog for his evening walk. The evening walk was always, always Rod’s job but I’m starting to quite enjoy it... if only it would stop raining! It hasn’t stopped raining since the day after Rod went into hospital. He’d set up an elaborate array of watering cans etc to make it easier for me to water all the pots but I haven’t had to use them once. I’m starting to wonder if someone up there has noticed the title of my blog and decided to be ironic!

Rod is still not able to eat solids, his kidneys are still struggling, his resistance is rock bottom because of the high-dose chemotherapy and he’s very weak but he is really hoping to be home by next weekend or the beginning of the following week. I hope he’s not disappointed. I guess you’ll all be relieved too because it’ll mean that I’ll stop moaning on about hospitals and treatments and start talking about something more interesting instead so, for all our sakes, here’s hoping.


  1. Eeek! The worms sound all to wiggle for me, but glad you have managed to keep most of them!
    Like you I have my fingers crossed, toes and eyes that Rod is home next weekend.
    Thinking of you and just letting you know, even though we are in cyber land, big cuddly hugs are being wrapped around this message for you. And for Rod, I am trying once again to send this hot sunshine to help him feel a tad better!
    Our two dogs send loud barks and wet licks for Josh.
    And from me, hand held hugs, keep going and keep talking to us.....Love xx

  2. You never moan and your posts are always interesting.

    I hope the kidneys stop being lazy soon!

    I feel pretty much the same as you do about the worms - not my thing at all. :)

  3. Thanks Pauline for the cyber cuddle.

    Hi Jemi, glad it's not just me who can't abide worms.

  4. Your posts are not boring or moan-y. This is a scary time in your life with your spouse being so sick. These posts help us understand your day to day life and worries and set-backs and joys. Also allows us to let you know we are here for you sending you and your husband positive thoughts and hopes.

    I'm afraid of so many things. Snakes(!) Mice(!) Bats(!).

    But, happily, not worms. :)

  5. Thanks Marisa. I actually quite like bats but not the one that I found sleeping on my pillow in the middle of one night... but that's another blog story.

  6. Ros - so good of you to update us with so much going on. Amazing how we can get over aversions, isn't it? I hate moths but can now tackle them if I have to. good luck with the worms and everything else of course.

  7. Oh Ros I can see you with those worms - what a wonderful picture you painted. Well done for moving them without screaming. I'm terrified of spiders - especially with long hairy legs - makes me shiver just typing about them!!! I read your blog every week and I don't think you've moaned at all. Its real life we're hearing about and I think its fantastic that through thick and thin you've kept going, keeping us up to date with warmth, compassion and humour. I pray that Rod is home real soon. And I too wish it would stop raining. Sending lots of love to You, Rod and Josh.

  8. Hi Ali. I used to be scared of moths too but not anymore. Goodness knows why. We are strange, us humans, aren't we.

  9. Hi Rifka, Now you've said that about spiders it's made me so glad they're only worms. I couldn't have moved a bin of spiders not for anything. Yaaaagh!! *Holds skirt round knees*

  10. You've got every right to moan away.

    I must say you've proved to be a devoted wife, a Wormery!! Woman you're crazy. Ewwww wriggly creatures.
    I remember picking beetles and putting them in a box when I was little and I didn't sleep all night thinking they'd get out.

  11. Thanks Sarah, I must admit I've thought how crazy I am to be worm-sitting too but, hey, even worms have a right to life!

  12. Eeek on the worms! I'm with Sarah - you're very devoted! I can't stand worms and I'd have no qualms letting them drown (I know that's not a good thing to admit, but there it is).

    I hope your husband's feeling better.

  13. Gosh Ros, you're really going through it.
    My thoughts and hugs are with you.

    I can guess that it's also therapeutic taking care of his worms, even more so as you hate it ( and I'm in total agreement there - you were fantastic to get them in the first place) so they'll be fine when he gets back home.
    I'd gladly send you some of our 100 degrees sunshine to help dry the wormery out
    I just hope and pray Rod's turned the corner now and is well on the mend and will be home soon.

  14. Thanks Talli, he's slowly improving, but still in hospital... You wouldn't really drown them would you? That's gross! ;-)

  15. Thanks Ann, he has perhaps turned a tiny corner. I don't know about our worms but we could do with some of that sunshine to dry us out. Bet you're really missing our lovely Leicester weather!

  16. What a journey you and Rod are on Rosalind and you are living proof that what doesnt kill you makes you stronger. No worm can hold any fear for you now! Congratulations!
    Thinking of you both and hope that Rod is home with you soon!