Monday, 16 December 2013

A Newspaper Sensation Game

Writing in the Rain News Headlines
Icy Blasts Blowing in from the Arctic

The TV man said we have snow on the way
We have never had weather so cruel.
With roads full of ice lasting more than a day
Next thing they'll be rationing our fuel.

Last month saw reports of high tides and sea swells.
The highest for sixty odd years.
There were crumbling cliffs and we watched as they fell
Saw destruction, saw real people's tears.     

We've had rainfall as deep as when Noah was here,
We've had hurricanes, hailstones and more.
But it happens each year after year after year
So just what are the huge headlines for?

Our country has seasons. It’s not a surprise
That no two days are ever the same.
Weather fronts, isobars showing lows, showing highs
It's a newspaper sensation game.


  1. Come now and come hail,
    I don't find it funny,
    I leave you to rail -
    I'm off somewhere sunny!


    1. Yes, yes, you're going to Cuba while we shiver in the UK! *sigh*

  2. Well versed, Ros! You are good at these poems!! And so true. As for Jo...well...I would if I could....

  3. Love it! And those headlines are so silly at times. I wonder how they can actually sell anything! :)

    1. You can feel the excitement on the TV news when there's bad weather on the way!

  4. On a usual day,
    "You are right," I would say.
    But, still stuck in snow,
    I say, "N-n-no!"

    ~Miriam :)

    1. Oh dear. Hope you all melt soon over in Israel. It's sunny here in the UK! *dives for cover*

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Duncan. I bet the news reporters do t get excited about weather in Kuantan.

  6. I enjoyed this poem Ros,......

  7. Love it! Though our own weather has been strange, we had a storm last week, never seen the ocean so wild and the sky so dull and sunless. Those who came for the sun were sourly disappointed. Keep the poems coming. Fluffy hugs xx

    1. Sorry to hear about your weather. It is hard on those who arrive just for a bit of sun. Hope it improves soon.

  8. That Jo is getting far too smug!!!! I love the way weatermen try hard to sound as if they know what they're saying even tho it is clear they haven't the foggiest (appropriate analogy) what the weather is doing.....and what is ''organised rain''?

    1. I don't know, Carol. What IS organised rain?!?

  9. fun poem and responses. Very clever. I went from ice storm in TX (and that's the sunbelt!) to snow and sleet in PA. You are not alone. It's a cold blast everywhere - well except for Jo's trip.
    Pour some tea
    tuck afghan round the toes
    read a good book
    while that north wind blows.

    Stay warm!

  10. Hi Ros .. fun poems here - and yes .. don't they get their knickers in a twist, or their boxers in a sheet ... or ... think I'll stop! I do hope we don't get the Arctic blast ... it's still very tolerable down here ... long may it last ..

    Cheers and hope it does blank us out! Hilary

  11. Brilliant poem once more Ros! I'm not looking forward to the snow.

  12. Spot-on, Rosalind :-) I've just seen the weather for today and we're stuck under a bright yellow patch of rain... very bad!

  13. Great poem, Rosalind! My OH would be lost without the weather to talk about - we had gales and flash floods here last week and he was in his element (no pun intended!)
    But - what was the title of your blog again?

  14. Wonderful poem Rosalind! I can relate to "No two days being the same," with our volatile weather. As cold, and blustery as it gets, I still enjoy the different seasons too! Enjoy the rest of the holiday season, and have a fabulous New Year, Rosalind!


  15. Great little poem! Ahhh, the excitement of winter weather.